Custom Personal Scanning & Field Recomedndation

If you are uncertain what fields are the best for you you can order a custom scanning and fields recommendation by Maitreya.

How to order:

After making the purchase, please send us an email at explaining what your issues are, what you would like to see change in your life, and a bit about your life, attach a photo of yourself so you can be scanned. Within two weeks you will receive an email with recommendations for fields-ready made or custom Maitreya considers to be most appropriate for you.

N.B. This service does not include the fields you are recommended, only the scanning and the recommendations.


Fantastic idea and service :pray:


Hi. I’m wondering to buy this. What information should I give? I don’t want to radiate negativity and I don’t want anyone to feel bad reading this. Is the more the better in this case? Like, should I treat this email as something short and concise about my life or something like I’m confiding in my best friend about my problems and shit of my life? The second option, after reading, may be like pouring out your grievances and like one big cry of a sad person. Nobody likes this I think.


Thank you guys for all you do. I can tell you really care about the people you help.


The best thing you can do is explain what the problem is. If there’s a story that can serve as an example of how this manifests in your life, that’s okay. If you don’t have such a story, that’s still okay. Finally, a clear formulation to explain what change you’re aiming for and what you want to achieve.

There’s no need to delve into long stories, as they are the result and manifestation of patterns you have in your subconscious. These patterns are usually detected in a person’s first few words, the way they’ve written it, and the energy with which they’ve sent it to us.

In many cases, when we create a custom field and scan a person, reasons emerge that you would never have thought of and would never have remembered could be related to your problem. We search in the intelligent consciousness for which energies are most suitable for you and add this as suggestions for you to look into.

Our job is 50% to listen to you, and 50% to find things which you don’t have access to, so the problem can be fixed from the root. There’s a famous quote, whose author I can’t remember - ‘You can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.’ That’s why our job is to pay more attention to this.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you. Yes, it’s very helpful, simple and understandable.


What’s the exact price?
It says USD 77 here but on Etsy it says EUR 92.9

Etsy automatically uses your IP to find your country and will convert the price for your local currency and add local tax to it.

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But my local currency is not EUR.

Please go to your settings>currency and you should be able to change this tho the one you would like.


I’m from China. Every time I customize this, it says it will be returned. Is it because this place doesn’t support it or is it willing?


Let me check it, and I will get back to you.

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What’s the result now? What’s the reason why I can’t buy it?

The price on Etsy is our set price for the product, plus taxes that are paid to the country where you are located. The identification of the purchasing country is automatically determined by Etsy’s algorithm. Additionally, some countries impose an import tax on physical products.

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My problem is that it is returned after purchase. Why?

Can you write us exactly what message you receive? You should be receiving an automatic email from Etsy with the reason for the refund, if there is any issue. This usually happens for some people when they use a foreign card, for example, a family member’s card, and the algorithm detects that these are two different individuals. But to provide more information, we need to see the message you’re receiving.

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God!! That’s incredible & encouraging as all get out !! I have a custom coming, soon. Thank You , so kindly!! :heart::heart::heart:

This is what I received

What’s going on? Why is it automatically canceled later?

Please contact your bank, as it seems to be not issue on Etsy. Alternatively, you can wait for refund and try to order again, but I would suggest bank first. Or maybe it’s a sign that you don’t need it.

Sometimes when weird technical things happens it’s sort of the message for you. It happened to me many times, when I wanted to buy stuff and my card didn’t went through while everything was fine with my bank, so I got something else, and that was what I needed.