Leadership gene + warrior presence + Samuri

hey all :slight_smile:
this is a good idea to use them togheter?

i feel extremly strong presence and confident
too much i would say…
this combination can Contradict each other?

im a cancer,
and im super sensitive to the world
my emotional really controlled by the flow outside
this kind of mandalas feels like The opposite
( Not affected by the environment at all)

its like i became The opposite person … diffrent Beliefs and extremly less sensitive person
im not what i post to be anymore
it feels wierd but same time gives me alot of power to deal my inner world

i afraid of the possibilty that i go aggenst my life mission
and gonna miss the lessons that planned for me
its like i use the ultimate cheats …
and i might miss my Purpose in this world


All I know is this makes me want each one more.