Is it ok to store personal stuffs on pendrive [with MM]

Can we store another stuff like movies/games on pendrive? With mandala manager + digital mandalas on other folder…
While games/pendrive on another folder…

My devices memory is full and I want to transfer it to my pendrive

Yes, no problem. Just put the mandalas and the manager in a separate folder or you will be broadcasting all kinds of stuff to you.


@Vega if I put downlaod book knowledge with mandala manager will it emits the books that I intend to download?

Keeping it in the mandala manager is like having the mandala with you, so whenever you want to download some book knowledge say: "Download the whole knowledge of this book (title of the book) in my mind”. While you do that keep looking at the book cover you would like to download and send a strong intention to the mandala to do that for you.

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