Mandala in different folders

If i have 2 folders(for convenience i prefer to keep the general life fields separate from the romantic life ones) with mandala managerv2,infinitely repeater,optimizer and emitter in each folder indeed ,i was wondering if the mandala “limit breaker” and "headphones to aura"and the various “boosters” are only in folder 1 is it ok for them to be valid also for example for audios or any other file present in folder 2? I mean for example if I need headphones to listen to the audio files in the second folder the mandala “headphones to aura” is active even if it is not present in the second folder(but is still in the first one)?Sorry for the confusion but I hope the concept is clear.Thanks

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Not sure if I understand this.

If you have Headphones to Aura in one folder, it will work on you all the time. You don’t need a second copy; it will not work anyway. The same goes for boosters; fields will be active 24/7 and boost everything.

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Ok maybe i’ll try to explain it better…
Headphones to aura is ok so even limit breaker because are connected to me(my aura)and not related to the folder like manager,optimizer and emitter:I mean if in 1 folder i have optimizer it will activate fields,audios,mandalas when needed,if not they will work h24…the same for emitter:without it in one folder i can use only mandalas and not audios or affirmations etc etc…same for manager:without him in that folder fields won’t reach me when i am out of my house for example…Instead with booster, limit breaker and headphones to aura they will work even if they are only in one folder and not in the other because they are connected to me and not to the folder.Right?Thaank you!!!

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No. You need the Manager in every folder.

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Apologize i have some problem to explain what i mean…(language barrier)…I mean that limit breaker will break limits even if is in only in one folder(with optimizer,emitter and manager of course),limits related even to the fields present in folder 2 without limit breaker in it.Thank you

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Yes, that’s correct. Don’t apologize, we can chat as long as we will understand each other :slight_smile:


Very kind!!!