Is apathy for life a stage/side effect of self-improvement?

Not sure if this is in the right place here, but out of curiosity, I tested out Regius Pura’s ‘Enchantment Shop’ audio and enchanted a necklace to work on dissolving subconscious doubts, blockages and limitations as well as gently dissolving negative effects of the ego.

I’ve been wearing the necklace for a little while aaaaand out of nowhere today I was hit with a crushing sense of apathy for where my life is right now. Like, nothing matters at all and I’m in a frustrating place. Took me a while to shake it off but I was wondering… might that have anything to do with the enchanted object or is it just, iunno, more likely to be just a short, unrelated bout of the blues/dissatisfaction (the latter of which I encountered before?)

You know, might not have anything to do with anything, but the first night I slept with this necklace on, I had a wiiiild dream where I was spending a night in some mansion with a group of people. I found out the bed I was sleeping in in the dream was in some way haunted because someone had been murdered years ago, and the blanket was heavy and tight around me and trying to keep me pinned. I escaped it mostly on my own, but I did get help. I was ushered into a bathroom by concerned friends, and when I stared in the mirror, I resembled someone else, but true to dream logic, I sensed it was still me I was looking at. I will say that nine out of ten times when ‘bad things’ happen in my dream, I don’t actually end up escaping it, but some part of my brain steps in to remind me that it isn’t real so it becomes less frightening. I DUNNO. ANYWAY.



I can see apathy as a step in dissolving negative effects of the ego. At least in the Buddhist sense. Even though I’m not Buddhist. Desire is suffering. If you don’t have what you want then you feel pain as though you can’t be happy unless you have it. Then maybe you get the thing. Then you suffer because you experience fear of losing the thing. Borrowing all of this from Thich Nhat Hanh.

Apathy can’t be the real goal of Buddhism. I mean I don’t know, maybe it is, again I’m not Buddhist. But I would think apathy as an end goal would be a major flaw in a belief system; with all of its adherents going broke or starving or forgetting to bathe etc. So it’s probably not. But it would be a moment of shaking free from the pain of suffering. Is it the right way to go about doing it? That’s another question.


Thanks for weighing in. :slight_smile:


Hi swordsdance,
a good question. I have made similar observations since having the Divine Balance Tag from Dream. That things start to change. I used to enjoy watching films and series at an early age. Most of it bores me today and I hardly ever watch films or television. And if I does, then it’s mostly older films that I’ve seen quite often.

For a long time I also had dreams that could be described as more brutal. But despite everything, I didn’t really feel touched myself in the dream, as if I would rather see myself from the outside. Without really identifying myself with myself in the dream.
However, that will pass. Meanwhile my dreams are more normal again without the many violence or horror scenes.
However, the entire worldview has already changed. Surely you are a little dissatisfied with how your own life might be. But at the same time it doesn’t take it that seriously anymore. True to the motto: “It is the way it is”.


Well, it could be part of the cleaning process. After all, who are you beyond your fears? who are you beyond your doubts? who are you beyond your subconscious limitations? who are you beyond the mask? Maybe, you’ve imagined but, with all that limitations, is that simulation you imagine real?

You chose to deconstruct yourself and now you are becoming and empty glass, so it is not surprising that now you feel listless, there are parts of you that are, so to speak, dying, parts of your life that no longer resonate with the new version of you. There are aspects of our daily life that we think we enjoy because it is part of us but in the end those aspects only serve the ego.

And about nightmares, they are also a part of the cleaning process.

You need to know that all of this will pass. For the moment, you could listen Maitreya’s “Unconditional love” audio, in the description it says that “will help with any spiritual clearing, hard time, dark night of the soul and so on…”


I’ve spent a while trying to think of something half as thoughtful to respond with but ultimately I’m settling with, ‘thank you’. It’s very helpful to hear about other peoples’ experiences, which is very much why I’m here.


Thank you, that was a really thought-provoking take. I guess then this enchantment audio is the real deal and I’ll keep wearing this necklace. Here’s to clearing more crap and releasing what no longer serves us.

I am suddenly tempted to charm an item for the same purpose.

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Are you sure you want this? I mean, with Hindu sages… some leave their body because they’ve had enough of this world and want to ascend. This also happens atleast commonly in Hinduism with opening the third eye and I think the heart chakra too as your heart yearns moreso for spiritual things rather than wordly. Anyways I’m against this but just thought I’d give some insight from my background

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Apathy can be a symptom of mental health problems too.


Do I want complete apathy? Nah. Since writing this post I didn’t experience anything like it again.

Fair enough! In any case, I can definitely say that the apathy didn’t last since I wrote this post.

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