Is anger a part of healing process? Used REVISION MANDALa

I don’t know,it’s been 7 day
I deleted all my fields from manager and simply put

Before I used different fields, I were very less reactive to anyone’s comment.

But now after using the REVISION RESTART FIELD, I found that I get reactive to anyone’s comment…

can I put the fields back?

I dont want to do anger or react to anyone’s comment. Help.
What’s wrong?

Is my ego getting ready to grab me hard?

It could be:

  1. A cleansing process.
  2. You may have felt energetically open and threatened by the environment because you’ve removed many fields that were around you, and now you may feel more open, energetically vulnerable. Such things happen with large energy changes.

When a person makes such extreme changes, it’s good to give themselves 2-3 days, or even more if they can afford to be alone with themselves, and when they’re ready to go out among people again. Outdoors, there are many stimuli, this might have come as a lot to you and upset you.

Also, it’s possible that “something” is trying to stop you if you’ve used various “special energy practices”. It can’t be said without having more information about you and what you wanted to cleanse - there could be tons of scenarios and reasons.

If you’ve decided that you can’t stand this, you may return your old mandalas and continue to use them.