Abundance and Wealth 200 Installed Subconsciousness Beliefs and Feelings

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Some people have never experienced the energy of certain feelings in their lives. Perhaps they were traumatized as a child and did not develop these feelings, or lost them somewhere in the drama of this existence. But to bring abundance, wealth, love into our lives, we have to experience them first. The Creator must show us how they feel so we can recognize this feelings and start to attract what we want.

With this programmed audio, feelings can be learned instantaneously as the subconsciousness beliefs are changed also instantly. You will start to see changes in your reality really fast.

The cells have also been trained by the emotional messages that have been sent to them. When you insert a new feeling program, these new receptor pathways are created at the same time. The changes in the cell are recorded in the DNA, and when the cell replicates itself, the new cell will also have the new pathways.

Listen and expect fast changes in your thinking, how you feel and new good changes in your reality.

Check out the audio with 1000 Installed Subconsciousness Beliefs and Feelings here (= the boosted version):

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