How many wall DMs I may use

I have a question now. I printed out many DMs to put them on walls of my apartment (Icy walls, Home series). Also I printed out the File Broadcaster mandalas and put them everywhere in my apartment to create a grid. Also I put some Tailored with love mandalas in my wardrobes and printed out the Water blessing and Nutritional support to take care of water and food at home.
My question now: is it safe for me to keep such a great amount of wall DMs in my apartment? May I experience energy overload or those mandalas have another nature than personal? I just wanted to improve atmosphere in my apartment, to protect against MF and feel safe and comfortable.

If you don’t feel overwhelmed that’s fine. You’ll know when something is wrong

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Thank you! But I am not sure that I know signs of overdosing. May be, headache, lack of sleep? May be, someone has experience with those wall DM and he/she could share this information with me?

As long as you don’t feel anything uncomfortable there’s no problem and the mandala you printed shouldn’t affect you too much. Normally it would feel like nervous system overlaod but might be different person to person

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