Emotional processing

In your experience what’s the most efficient way for emotional processing?
These are my steps which are mostly successful barring sticky and recurring emotions.

  1. Rationalizing emotions
  2. Feeling emotions, letting go
  3. Replacing+ blessing situation/ people involved.

Emotional IQ is not one of my strength.
I think talking about the problem is good, talking to yourself or better talking with a therapist.
Holding emotions inside you is bad, even being repressed they keep damaging/influencing you.
Letting go is good and also forgiving too.

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Great topic!
I have a very similar way of processing.
First, I take a step back to my neutral Ego free zone. Then, I examine them to understand a bit more. Your emotions are a great source of information. I step in and allow myself to feel them. I decide if I need to do something about it, or simply to let go. Not every emotion needs my intervention. Sometimes the reason behind them could be my moon cycle, or I’m just hungry-angry.

But yeah, it’s a good habit to allow yourself to feel. At the end of the day, we came here to feel and experience life, which is not possible when you are in higher densities.


I had a long history of suppressing emotions and mistakenly believed that I was a stoic person. As a part of my journey, I learned to work with them and initially naming emotions helped me. There is a Plutchicks wheel of emotion (I might be wrong on the spelling) which helped me to understand and categorize initially. Currently I also utilize the emotional awareness field.
Emotions are great and even the crappy ones feel amusing when we can name them, understand them and process them.