Gumroad system changes

It seems that gumroad no longer has a cart system. I can’t purchase many fields at once, and the discount code field no longer appear. Is this permanent or it’ll be resolved after some time?

It’s a crap change to be sure. As nature tends towards growth, corporations tend towards removing options.

Hopefully it’s just an accident. Removing the shopping cart.

I opened up a few different DM’s to buy and I notice one of them let’s me put in a discount code but the other’s do not. So I have no idea what’s going on there. All in Maitreya’s gumroad to be clear.

Is that little box which is already checked and says “keep on file” new? Has that always been there or did they sneak it in among the other changes.

You can get around this by putting the discount code in the URL. Edit the website link and add a slash and the code at the end, then load the page.

For example: