From Kush - my Guitar Playing

Dear Friends,

Wishing you all and your loved ones a beautiful and blessed new year 2022. May the Universe bless you with everything your heart desires - it will because we are in good hands with Maitreya (no flattery intended)

I’m an ardent and religious fan and follower of our Dear Maitreya. I use her fields and DMs extensively and they have helped my HUGE, in various ways - from my Mental health (I was down with severe depression, anxiety - real messed up) and Maitreya got me out of it and improve on it. I have even been able to get back to my long lost passion of Fitness and Guitar playing…

Just wanted to quickly share a few of my fitness results and Guitar playing videos - just as a yoken of thanks for everything Maitreya Fields has helped me achieve and hoping it may inspire a few of us.

Dust in the Wind

Tears in Heaven

Fur Elise

Thank you for watching and viewing my content- wishing everyone a Blessed and Beautiful life filled with lots of peace and joy.

Warm Regards and Love to my Maitreya Family,


Great talent with the guitar! :slight_smile:
What fields you have used for body transformation? Maybe this can help other people who want this, or for improving their skills with musical instruments? :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot dear Maitreya - those words from you mean HUGE to me - it honestly an honor.

For music I use the Musician DM
Brain Hemisphere Sync (pre-prectice)
Persistence fire
Sacred Music Knowledge
Concentration and focus (both for guitar practice and Pre-workout for better focus / mind muscle connection)

For workouts I feel like kid in a candy store when I’m on Maitreyas Channel. My favorites are as below -

  1. Super Saiyan - Pre-workout
  2. Hormone Audios
  3. Greek God series
  4. Hercules is my favorite for bulking
  5. Both Fat burners
  6. BULK agent
  7. Vegan protein

Basically Maitreya is my supplement stack. I’d be more than happy to learn more or contribute whatever little knowledge skill I have for this wonderful community.

Lots of Love to all,


Great results :smiley:

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