Forum or discord to discuss deleted thread?

I respect the decisions of the mods but I really enjoyed the thread discussion of other creators before it was closed. Is their another forum or platform where we could continue that topic so it does not interfere with this forum?


The sapien medicine forum:
Discussion for other similar Channels on YouTube - General Discussion - Sapien Medicine

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You beat me to it. It’s funny because I scoured that thread on this forum looking for new and worthwhile things, after trying a few and seeing the results for myself I ended up using Maitreya’s and none of the others.

I don’t know the decision behind why that thread was closed but it’s kind of ironic that people could use it in various ways and to various ends and yet this was my experience.


The reason why they closed the thread is because they had gotten complaints from people that followed the advice and used some of the audios and tools that were suggested in the thread and had gotten bad results. They were complaining to Maitreya and the moderators about condoning something on this forum that was causing harm to people, if I remember correctly from what they stated in that thread before closing it.


Unfortunately I would never go to the Sapien forum again. I’ve never posted there but I find it very negative.

There is a point though where ppl have to use common sense.
Skincare products are constantly discussed on the reddit subs I frequent and it’s common sense that everyone will have a different reaction on their skin to various products that are recommended. No one blames anyone else.
I don’t think they should’ve closed that thread and it was pretty obvious that people were recommending what worked for them. That’s no guarantee that it’ll work great for anyone else. Maitreya can only take responsibility for their own products not the products of anyone else.
I swear stupid ppl ruin things for everyone else.


I would love our own thread again. I’m on Sapien’s forum but I barely use it compared to this one.

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Good decision they made :ok_hand:

I have tried others and yes, that’s right if you don’t know what you are doing you will end up messing up with your energy body.

This topic was a lot more toxic than beneficial.
It won’t open again.


You can create a group message if you really want a other Channels thread.