Fields functions

Hi all,

I have a doubt.
The DM and audios grant abilities that are integrated into oneself depending on how much they are heard or used?

Let’s say I use a mandala for a while, does the skill stay with me or should I listen to it forever every time I want to use any of those skills?

Every DM and Audio is different.

Some Audios/DMs will integrate ideas into your subconscious that will become a part of you over time such as positive ones for self love, ideas about relationships, book/language downloads or subconscious beliefs about abundance. These will stay with you after a period of use.

Some mandalas will create permanent effects after long term use like Brahmacarya v2.2 or the Subconcious connector making it much easier to be one with your SubC.

If you mean, skill/abilities as in things like Reality Shifter, Chameleon, Field Copier, or most activation DM’s then no, unless you meditate daily and become a strong psychic yourself, I do not believe you will just start to do these abilities.

You’re going to have to be a bit more specific about which ones you’re thinking about.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I have in mind the DM on downloading the knowledge and speed reading. About this DM, after a while, in my being, will the download ability be integrated or every time I want to download will I have to be with the DM by my side?

whenever you want to do downloads you will have to be with the DM.


You could use the permanent integration audio too in order to make.
I’m sure it works on Mandalas too.