Feminine and Masculine Balance

Women and men have both feminine and masculine energy within them.

What does it mean to be a masculine man?
What does it mean to be a feminine woman?
What are the harmful stereotypes?
What is promoted in different cultures?
Why do we have gender issues and promoting feminism?

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Men always show anger. He can be stressed, sad, anxious, and tired but will show anger as this is the only emotion that is considered manly, unfortunately.
Awwww my dad is short-temper, too. I discussed this with him. I said that I understand that he express everything with being angry, but we both are adults, so we can work on this. It really helped us. When he gets angry, I remind him of this and distance myself until he cools off.
He feels understood, but we’ve had a lot of training because I was reactive to his moods.


Not at all. Most men I know show vulnerability, sadness , stress or whatever.

Just saying. :slight_smile:

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This is a behavior pattern you learned from your father, and you seek it in other men. For you, it’s standard and normal.

Once you change your attitude towards your father, your energies in interacting with all other men will change, and you’ll start noticing completely different qualities in men. And they, in turn, will treat you differently.

Love for your father and respect for him will change everything in your worldview.

And you’ll meet men with completely different qualities.


Not expressing anything is something I observed in my father and since I grew up respecting my father more than my mother, I internalized that not expressing anything is the best way to be.
That needed to change as I hit roadblocks.
Much later meditating on the father archetype helped.
Recently I am using the father archetype to understand things better.
In general though, beyond constructs and impositions I truly don’t understand what is inherently male vs inherently female (other than biology).


I haven’t been able to express my emotions for a very long time. Usually, this happens because of traumatic events that hurt you deeply, and you decide not to feel anything to avoid feeling that intense pain again.

Male and female principles are like two sides of the same coin, complementing each other.

The male principle is often associated with strength, protection, and activity. Imagine it as a superhero who is always ready for adventures, loves exploring new places, and helps protect his friends from trouble.

The female principle, on the other hand, is often linked with care, intuition, and creating a cozy environment. Think of it as a magical lady who knows how to listen with her heart, heal with words, and make the home a warm and welcoming place you always want to return to.

The main difference between them is how they express themselves and interact with the world, but most importantly, they cannot exist without each other.

They are like puzzle pieces: different, but together they create a whole. And everyone has both male and female principles inside them.

This means that everyone can be brave and decisive, but at the same time caring and empathetic.


Thank you for this response, this is what I have heard from people who have worked through things. It does in some ways go back to traditional roles then. In general population I observe mixtures and distortions. Do you have any resources on how to integrate both in one self while being able to shift as necessary to maintain polarity in intimate relationships?


If I may chime in, in Taoist practice it is said “true yin lies in the yang while true yang lies in the yin” (think of the two dots in the yin yang symbol). It is the same concept explored by Jung in his archetypes. For a man to be truely masculine it is necessary to integrate his feminine side.
The thing that helped me more than anything so far was yin energy work (grounding itself is a form of that, as is still meditation). Also, learning to fight was enlightening as it is necessary to learn the power of being soft (passive, soft energy being more powerful than yang technique). It sounds completely counterintuitive, but if you are a man, cultivate yin energy. If you do, your masculine energy will be balanced and therefore shine through more. Hence one of the many meanings of the saying “be like the earth, and heaven will chase you”.
It also prevents the bouts of anger discussed above, however it is our outlet for negative emotions by design (same as the way women feel the urge to sometimes cry). Hope it helps and looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts on this :slight_smile:


I’m not sure why, but I felt like sharing a note I made for myself last year, in the context of developing qualities in relationships.

"Are you ready to create a relationship completely free from projections, expectations, divisions, conclusions, judgments, denials, or answers about how it should be and what it should look like?

Are you ready to treat a man with respect?

That means with respect, not judgment. That means not disrespecting the man. If there’s no judgment about the people you’re with and you fully respect them for who they are, then they become who they are, you become who you are, and no one should judge anyone. That’s respect.

Are you ready to trust a man?

That means knowing what a person will do, without making decisions about what you want them to do. For example, knowing your man will never put the toilet seat down. That’s trust. It’s not about thinking, “I’ll teach him to put the toilet seat down.” That doesn’t work. If you assume a man will never put the toilet seat down, you can trust that.

Are you ready to be grateful to a man?

This is where you’re thankful for the person being in your life, thankful for their presence, without judgment, expectations, or projections that you must own or control them. Unlike love, gratitude can only exist in the absence of judgment. Love exists because of judgments. If you’re not grateful to yourself, you can’t be grateful towards others. If you lack gratitude, you’re bound to judge. If you’re grateful to someone in your life, that person doesn’t have to be perfect.

Are you ready to be vulnerable in relationships?

This means you’re ready to receive everything, including the fact that the person can be a jerk and that you can be a jerk sometimes. In vulnerability, you’re ready to show yourself, warts and all, not trying to prove you’re perfect, not trying to prove you understand everything, but being here with a sense of no barriers, no right or wrong."


I meant how men are conditioned. Most manly men I’ve met suppressed many emotions and expressed only anger. Because since you are a boy, you are told that boys don’t cry, you need to control yourself, and it is promoted to show aggression towards other boys. Plus, there is significant pressure on boys to compete with each other.

Since childhood, they are disconnected from their feminine energy, as this is something weak.

I am glad that you are surrounded by well-balanced men. In some cultures, it’s less likely to meet a man who is in tune with their emotions. Being vulnerable is a sign of weakness.

Actually, ironically, in my case, I had to break the female side of conditioning to be able to balance my female and male energy.

Very well expressed. Why do you think we have feminism movement and gender issues? To even more destroy this natural balance.

It deserves a separate topic. I’m going to move our conversation, here.

@Hero, have you considered becoming a coach? You have great skills in explaining and insight.

I couldn’t agree more with this, and all below that.

Being in a healthy relationship should include all that you’ve mentioned. If you don’t accept the person you are with, what’s the point? If they don’t like your true self, then it only block you.


+1 to this. I have received great help from his meta advice

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So many know how to live, yet so few live happily ))

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And that’s exactly what I did)

I used to work at a Big4 Consulting Firm 15 years ago.

Then I transitioned to private practice, focusing on business coaching.

After that, I underwent a long period of personal transformation. It turned out that the planet Neptune stayed in the 1st house of my Natal Chart for a very long time, significantly influencing my personal growth.

Later, I expanded my practice to include Personal Coaching. However, all of this was before the war in Ukraine began.

Now, continuing in coaching would be less interesting for me.

According to all the assessments, my calling is related to serving humanity on a grand scale. The 10th house of the Natal Chart (the house of profession, career, self-realization, status, success) is in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto. Mars and Uranus are placed in this house. Any planet in the 10th house indicates significant ambitions, and here we have two. Particularly, Uranus pushes for setting global goals.

Now I understand why I am no longer interested in one-on-one work.; I want to be involved in something global. For example, participating in an IT project in the field of mental health to improve the lives of tens of millions of people. This excites me.


Very cool, love the astrological connections. I have a 10th house stellium! hope to find my niche soonish.

Like a AI therapist/ conversationalist? or an AI diagnoser?


It can be anything that brings benefit, innovation, and scale while improving people’s lives.

For example, imagine a product that a million people could use daily and simultaneously.

What would it be? )))

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One thing I have noticed in popular culture is a move towards upholding the wild/ feral feminine expression as the true expression of the feminine. Additionally pure chaos is also supposedly inherently feminine. Growing up, I have heard/ seen exploration and movement towards more greater entropy as masculine expression. Do you think that these are just cultural/ temporal patterns and chaos/ order cannot be inherently termed as fem/ masc?

Energetical bomb that would affect every living being on this planet positively.
Please, someone drop an ‘Eye Opening Bomb’.

Whatever it’s going to be, I am sure you’ll find this. Fingers crossed. You already have made an impact by changing yourself. Wherever you go, your aura affects other people.

I went to an ecstatic dance event a few weeks ago. I observed people who allowed themself went full-on wild mode. There was no difference between males and females.
Female energy is nurturing but can also be protective and wild. Try to steal a child from her mother. Males can remain ice calm even when they are absolutely furious, so it’s not always aggression and destruction.

What this world needs is an effort from both sides to understand and accept each other and find the balance. What I noticed is that when a man is masculine in a healthy way, I automatically lean into my feminine side. Our energies want balance.
When a woman has no man in her life, she has to protect herself and provide for herself, so she will step into masculine energy to sustain herself. Ironically, she might repel masculine guys and attract those who are too feminine (not willing to work, for example, and expecting that she will pay for bills). Those are just stereotypical examples.

On the other side, even when you are with someone who balances you, you still need to check your inner feminine and masculine energy to feel good.

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