Archetype: Father

The father archetype, in its logos function, exerts his influence on the human mind in order to transform undifferentiated – concrete – emotionality bind to body, to less material and abstract form of images and mental representations, but also, in its specific complex-bound function, serves as regulator of boundaries, restrictions and social values that are imposed as rules and laws, in accordance with Freud’s notion of superego.

The positive father is an image of the mature masculine. This is very different from the patriarchal. “Patriarchy, in our view, is an attack on masculinity in its fullness as well as femininity in its fullness. Those caught up in the structures and dynamics of patriarchy seek to dominate not only women but men as well. Patriarchy is based on fear – the boy’s fear, the immature masculine’s fear – of women, to be sure, but also fear of men. Boys fear women. They also fear real men.”

Mature masculinity as seen in the positive father is characterized by the following traits: wisdom, ordering, authority in the service of protection, generativity, justice, discipline, and courage. The positive father is he who is not afraid to wield power when required, but will sacrifice himself to protect others if need be.


I’ve been hoping for a masculine archetype field for a while now. Thanks!


I’m grateful for this, daughter! :wink:

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I hope this is okay for a woman to use to develop the inner healthy father.

All archetypes can be used by men and women, and they benefit from that. We have masculine and feminine energy no matter the gender.

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I just got this for me to help me with this.
Would this help my wife who because of the way I was raised and the patterns I was raised with is more masculine than feminine?

Your wife needs to make the decision herself. You can explain each field’s function, but the decision is hers.

I will keep that in mind. TY.