Energetical Chemistry for Partners

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Love is our origin and a destination in every single situation, and love is the human experience of heaven. It will take us an entire lifetime to master the dynamic qualities of love. This is because love gives birth to many virtues like kindness, patience, acceptance, tolerance, wisdom, courage, power, passion and compassion. We create heaven in our lives when we choose to think, feel, speak and act from love. We master love in our lives through the relationships that we have.

This audio is programmed to fill the soul bonds which connect two people with unconditional love and healing. It will uplift your desires to be with your partner and also will create magnetism and attraction in your aura, so your partner to be drawn by you.

The bond between the two of you will be strengthened. The audio is also suitable for people who have lost the thrill in their relationship. This will help.


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@Maitreya Hii maitreya, im now a Patron and happy​:grin::blush: wanted to ask you, if you will or could upload this one on patreon? I feel its helpful for my relationship :slight_smile: