Attract the Right Soulmate for You

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Whatever the type of soul mate you search, you need to realize that people find their soul mate when they love themselves – at first and most important.

This video is programmed to higher your frequency and fill you with unconditional love at first so you can send your wish for soul mate from the energy of love, not fear, emptiness, loneliness. This will fill your aura with nice feeling and other will start to notice you more.

We included heart chakra clearing and opening + removing traumas from past relationships, so you can attract THE RIGHT person to you, not from the wheel of karma repeated character.

Changing on some “bad” belief systems like “I don’t deserve love, I will never find my partner/soulmate, I am not enough, Men/Women are bad, Nobody loves me” and so on…

We recommend when you are listening to imagine your new soulmate – how you are feeling there? Are you loved? Are you happy? Feel everything nice you want to experience in your new relationship. This will help the process a lot.

Learn to love yourself more so that you can attract the very best soul mate into your life. Finding a soul mate begins with becoming the best version of you.

Video includes:

  • Clear limiting beliefs about relationships, sex, marriage, been a spiritual and sexual being, and much more…
  • manifest a new soul mate (visualize what you want and be specific!)
  • Opening your sacral and heart chakra to receive love
  • Energy clearing from point of conception to heal worthiness & self-esteem issues

You can use headphones and speakers. We recommend speakers so it can affect your whole body /subconsciousness mind/.

You can listen it again when you feel the need.


Wow man. Great work. I see you’ve been busy. Thank you!


I love the thought of this… but longer audios are off-putting, because I’m always so time poor. (I even brought the slow time mandala to solve this problem in the last few days as I always feel pressed for time

This one doesn’t have a Gumroad Version


Any results?

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Can we ignore the find a new soulmate thing? Because im in a relationship and want to stay, from momentary point of view, but the other benefits sound awesome

A soulmate doesn’t have to be romantic though. Could be a really good friend or coworker for example.


I see :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know what exactly soulmate means in this context? Is the word just used for a romantic partner or is it referring to a soul in your soul group?

My result from this, it attracts romantic partner who is very suitable for you.


you got your partner finally? :smiley:

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Yes, more than one suitable person actually. I listen for 2 weeks back then. Now, when i aready with that person (i choose one of them). I didn’t listen again.

If it is a mandala, it would be great. :blush:


this is a good news :smiley: