Volume and Distance from Speakers

I have been trying to experiment with the best way to listen to fields.

  • I know common knowledge is to use either Speakers or headphones but I’ve seen it work much better with speakers than earphones. Especially after Sapien confirmed that more complex fields reach the aura better via speakers. M-orphic D-octor told me the same thing.
  • Now, does the volume matter? I mean would not more volume mean better energy output?
  • Also, what is a good distance from the speakers? PI for example recommends being close to the speakers by a certain distance (don’t remember what that is)…

Has anyone experimented on these lines? What works best for you with Maitreya’s fields?


I have experimented with this.

I have found that whether it works or not is binary not analog. Meaning it works completely or not at all. It doesn’t work at varying strengths based on varying volumes. My tests did not include earphones so I won’t speak to that. I’m talking only about using speakers.

It will work as long as the sound waves can reach you. You don’t have to be able to hear them. What I mean by this is that you can sit there and tune your volume on the speakers to the lowest volume that you can possibly hear. That way you know the sound waves are making contact with you. Then you can put earplugs in so that you can not hear the audio since it was barely loud enough to hear without the earplugs. And it will work while you sit there unable to hear it as much as it would at a loud volume with no earplugs.

I proved this thoroughly to myself. I do make room for the possibility however that the variance in the listener’s faith or strength or level of belief could have an impact on how well a field affects them. If the listener’s beliefs mean that they do not get the same results I did, then I would not conclude that my results were mistaken but rather that another factor is at play that I was not able to test for, i.e. the variance in the confidence of different listeners that the audio will work.

The audio is only a point of contact. The strength of the energy is not in the volume of the field. Even if the effectiveness of the field may be affected by a listener’s belief that the volume matters. The energy is not in the audio. The audio only connects you to the energy. It takes very little contact to allow the energy to flow through. Think of how thin the wires are that connect a stun gun to a perpetrator’s chest. And think of the effectiveness of the energy that flows through that very thin point of contact.


7 feet