Do you think I am an old soul?

Hello friends, I would like to introduce myself as a 23 year old male from a Southeast Asian country. Nice to hear about this forum, I have read it since Maitreya release it and gained a lot of useful knowledge and know few wonderful peoples.

Six years ago, a spiritual teacher from my parents said that I am an old soul. I even laughed at this idea, because my life was so bad, and I kept thinking that an old soul would have an easy life because they had so many reincarnation experiences.

However, for the past 1 year, I have seriously researched this topic through many online sources. I have many traits that are quite similar to an old soul. For example, I sympathize with other people’s feelings, even if it’s a movie or a song it can make me cry. Or when I come across a poor person, I get overwhelmed without knowing why. I want to help them but I have no money. All my life I have struggled with depression, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders. Since childhood I have always been eccentric, unusual and often teased for being shy. I used to study hard and study well but fap and games have ruined me for the past 10 years, leading to unemployment and disorientation.Of course I have changed a lot as I grow up, but more and more I want to be alone to meditate. concentration and reading. Of course that was just the intention, since I still fap and games, smoking is like an addiction.

I have read many sources to determine the traits of old soul, but they are inconsistent, so I want to ask you how do you know if you are an old soul. Because I’m going through an existential crisis, where I don’t know what my purpose is to live. That’s why I thank you very much for any information you can share with me.

The article is long and translated by google, so thank you for reading it all.

I post this in Sapien forum and this forum because those are 2 most benefited forum for me right now.

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I don’t know the answer to the question, but what can you do to know that you are an old soul or not ?! if you know that you are an old soul, will you more easily accept or refuse your condition ?! and if you are a young soul, will you more easily accept or refuse your condition?! How will the answer to this question help you improve your life ?!

thank you for that question. Firstly, I want to know if my spiritual teacher is correct or not. Secondly, it will gimme some motivation. Because i know that an old soul can choose to have a hard life and i need to ready to face it. I know im talking about the duality and i can reprogram my life…But btw i still wanna know, maybe a little curious.

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Stop asking questions and get “the art of communication”.

You’ll just “know”…:wink:

Warning ; You might not like a lot of things you’ll

“just know”.

As someone from Nibiru told me when I went full Emo on them :

“You are your own worst enemy”

Old soul or not doesnt really determine anything, since it is experience that matters.

Just like there are 70 year olds who are still stupid and you have 30 year olds where life taught them many lessons and they got wiser etc


I looped the art of Communication all night, and during my sleep I was disturbed by a multitude of voices that came around me …
These voices were saying something like: he can hear us, he hears us, He’s the one who hears us.
I was trying to keep sleeping normally like I couldn’t hear anything (so as not to get harassed), and i was saying me in my mind, i have to pretend not to hear them (lol … if they listen to this, I’m still fucked up lol).

It was an amazing experience, but I don’t know if it was my mind that made it all up, that’s why I want to live this experience awake , consciously and not asleep (but for the moment nothing, it is surely too early) .

I look forward to learning more about everyone’s experiences with spiritual tools.

Its all ego. (most likely)

I had the same thing but differently

When I start thinking in my mind, my ego goes :

“Keep quiet they hear you!”

The whole point of telepathy is to go from words to concept.

Telepathic communication is pure conceptual, theres no words.

Its either that or some noob spirits lingering around afraid you might realize they are there.

The conceptual thinking part will make you “know” things, this includes beings that your non-conceptual conscious mind isnt aware of.

But instead of looping or randomly playing, I would suggest to play sapiens superhuman genius first then listen to this one consciously.


Well, yes…kind of. Pure conceptual communication is the language of the realm of spirit, so if you learn to speak their language then who you can talk to opens up wide. However, there are spirits that understand and can speak “human”, or linear thoughts & words. So, even if you can’t speak their language, there are entities that have some capacity to speak in our way.