Do Warrior Skull Morphic Audio Regenerates Teeth?

I managed to get the Warrior Skull DNA writed in my Genetics.

Physical Effect,and now the Skull is changing when the Body

Example Sleep,when the Body Regenerates.

Do the Warrior Skull Audio Regenerates Teeth?.

I noticed that the Skull is becoming Round,and the Teeth is
becoming Straight,but also the Teeth Regenerates,if the Teeth is a bit broken,only a Bit?.

When i was a Kid a Person hitted me to the Ground,and i want to Heal That.

I will change my Genetics to Perfection.

Do this Warrior Skull Audio Regenerates Teeth?.

I wait for Answers.

don’t want heal broken teeth? want to live with it? :smiley:

have u been getting results with warrior skull?