DM: Wholeness and Fullness

This field has been designed to give you the feeling and realization that you are self-sufficient and whole and you do not need anything to make you complete, as you already are.

You will feel satisfied within yourself and know that you are enough just as you are now. The field also gives you the vibration of feelings of happiness, gratitude, and already having everything that you need.

The field will help you see the true essence of everything, and release you from the mental prison that has descriptions of the world that are old, trauma-based, and limiting for you. You will be able to see nature, people that you encounter, and art in their true beauty. You will feel the energy of abundance flowing through the world and will feel at ease within and without.


Haven’t encountered an insta-buy in awhile. Am grateful this showed up. Syncronicity for me too, this has been the one thing still nagging at me every now and then despite nearly everything else seeming to come together. Will update later if necessary, first impressions are my hyper mind caring less about my desires, I kinda don’t even think about them as a desire anymore tbh…

I apologize for so little detail. I am usually very perceptive to fields effects, but this one seemed quite subtle, I am having a difficult time. Yes, I do feel more "whole/complete’ but I don’t know what to tell you I’m feeling…I’m just being, if that makes sense


This was an insta-buy for me too! As soon as I saw it, I knew this is the missing puzzle piece that I need. We underestimate how much what we do, feel, and think comes from not feeling whole, or feeling like there’s something missing from us. “Maybe buying/smoking/achieving/getting this thing will fill the void?” What would happen (and how much of our “constant searching” behaviours would fall away) if we didn’t feel that void anymore? I’m excited to find out.
I got tons of release symptoms when I first stared at the picture. Excited to see what will happen with prolonged use!


Hi Vega,

could you please explain how this one differs from the “Self worth and Confidence 1000 Installed Subconsciousness Beliefs and Feelings” field?

I mean besides the fact that “1000 Self Worth and Confidence” is an audio and this one is a DM…

Thanks in advance :pray:


This one is more strong as energy and it’s also DM, which makes things faster.

This one has those beliefs written and programmed by me, but they are the most common which I have been found in people. There can be also others that I never heard/know.

This field on the other hand integrates energies inside the person and he changes his feelings and beliefs naturally after he starts to feel better from the new changes.


This one and Shadow Integration could be a great combo


How were your experiences with that? Wanted to buy the 1000 beliefs, but then this one occurred :see_no_evil:

im using it sometimes and its very intresting dm

one day i was combine this with
release guilt , release skptsim

felt great
but after like 12hours with the 3
i felt intresting thing
i was angry and sad.
cuz i realize all the hiden things that
all the unsloved thoughts and guilt and self lies :open_mouth:

so its acutally let me see clearly , what i need to deal with or accpet for being whole

was tough . not gonna lie
but this dm are gold :slight_smile:


What a gift for uploading to patreon! Thank you :slight_smile: I’m excited :smiley:

This one which is uploaded to Patreon is the audio version that is uploaded to Youtube. Not this DM.

I know, i know. Not the boosted one but in essence the same field, nor? :slight_smile:

That’s right!