Archetype: The Warrior

The Warrior in his fullness, the mature Warrior, creates order, sets boundaries, and goes out into the world and gets things done on the orders of the King. The mature Warrior often has these qualities:

He knows his job is to take action in the world in service to the King. He needs the orders of a good and just King to bring him to his full expression.

He sets boundaries. He does this with clear understanding of the concept of difference: of an innate knowing about “This is where I stop and you begin”. He knows how to set a boundary and the difference between “yes” and “no”. He knows what he would die for, and he’s clear about what he would defend to the death.

He tends to see things in black or white. His may be a binary world. Clarity is everything. That way he knows with certainty what needs to be done.

He may act without feeling to get things done. Examples of this include the way fire fighters go into a burning building to save people. This is true Warrior energy: take action first, feel the feelings later – if necessary.

His principles as a Warrior are action, service, loyalty and justice.

He knows that a mature and principled Warrior will not follow an unjust or tyrannical King, no matter what the immediate rewards might be.

He needs a cause to believe in and fight for. His cause might be something he believes in on a personal level, or it might be the King’s mission of service in the world. He is motivated to take action.

He believes in the motto “Protect and Serve.”

When boundaries are crossed, he reacts with anger and goes on the offensive (or defensive). Another expression of his energy is the male energy he takes into the world to get things done. Yet another is assertiveness. He knows how to channel the very energy of life, of vitality, for the benefit of those he serves and for himself.

He takes care of himself, so he can take care of his tribe, the people who live with him in the Kingdom, and the possessions and lands of the Kingdom.

Additional descriptions others may use for the Warrior in his fullness, the mature Warrior, include: brave, committed, willful, and not swayed by fear. And that is true: he may be afraid but he can still be confrontational and confident.


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