DM: The End Point (Patreon Exclusive)

Some people have engaged their minds with the unending search for problems within themselves and constant strife to solve them. In today’s New Age movement some have become prisoners of their own constant development. One might over-accentuate something flaw they may have and end up constantly chasing ‘personal development, fixing problems, and looking for something that is not right. People might end up on this roller-coaster for years and years and end up disappointed, burnt out, and exhausted.

In that fashion, some people who have experienced good results using fields and other energy practices become addicted to the vicious circle of finding something to fix and stop participating in their own lives.

This field has been created to free you from this mental trap and give you an opportunity to continue your self-development with ease, love, joy, and enthusiasm, without getting hooked on your own expectations, punishing yourself, blaming yourself, or feeling worthless. This field will remind you of your true self and your wholeness so you can end the vicious circle.


This is great. I’m finally getting some rest.

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wow… perfect timing :open_mouth:
this field can help so much


LOL I was taking a look at the meaning of this field since I could not find a description on patreon. I just thought, what am I doing? Do I really need more fields? Am I just not overwhelmed already? How can they come up with so many new fields which make me feel I also need that one and that one and that one also? The description of this field made me SMILE. Just what I needed (once again :)) but definitely worth the extra tier costs since this is my way of expressing eternal gratitude for all Maitreya’s wonderful work (and understanding). Big hugg for all you lovely people out here.