DM: The Driver

Every time you get into the car the field will create harmonization between you and other cars on the road, other people who walk on streets, people who ride bikes, even if it has wild animals on the road.

Install the ability to handle and drive a vehicle and to have full control over it even if it’s new.

Install the skill to handle any situation on the road and take fast and right decisions which are related to the safety of all on road.

Install all common knowledge about traffic laws and vehicle theory. This should be activated separately with a command which includes in which country you live.

Increase confidence when driving and reduce fear without removing the fear which is correlated for adequate responses.

Sends unconditional love to all people in a radius of 1km from you

Protects the driver from the emotions and anger to other drivers on the road

Removes through forms and other energies which can be sent by other drivers

Install the needed reflexes and the ability to read surroundings for safe driving


Damn, I will buy this for my gf :eyes::joy:

Jk :roll_eyes:

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Awesome, thanks!

What is the command?

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Install knowledge about traffic laws and vehicle theory for this country … the name of the country …


Can The Driver mandala be stored in the car? Or is it better to keep it in the Mandala Manager Box?

I would defo go for Mandala Manager Box. Mandalas work when they are close to you or ‘on you’. My experience with this field is amazing and life-saving. I was a professional driver and I’ve made thousands of miles. I think I could honestly say that I reversed back more than some people drive forward. It saved me from many potential incidents on the road and I noticed that I am more patient when I’m driving. I was involved in a car accident that was not my fault. A few seconds before I slowed down for an unknown reason on the road that everyone is speeding. It saved her life and definitely saved me serious injuries.


I agree, this field is amazing! I gave it to my ex and his girlfriend too, for going on roadtrips with our kids + everyday driving of course. Its so effective I honestly couldn’t sleep if they didn’t bring it and put it to use driving across europe with 3 little ones! It has helped me so much, I am a fairly decent driver, but I typically got anxious and stressed out in unfamiliar cities/places etc. I am much calmer and now I don’t give a second thought to driving where I would avoid going before. After using it a while I noticed it felt like moving into the flow-state, where all disharmony and danger on the road seem to be just elsewhere.


@Maitreya 2 wheel vehicles (motorcycles/scooters) not included ???

It affects all modes of transportation.

My English has improved a lot, but not enough haha.