DM: Sun Energy

The Sun has masculine and active, yang energies. It rules the astrological sign Leo and represents the ego, our identity, and our personality. The sun gives us strength, vitality, courage, lights up our mind and soul. Sun energies boost our self-esteem, healthy self-expression, vital energy, optimism, activity and help us feel good in general. You can use this DM to place an object like a crystal, glass of water, piece of jewelry, etc on it and get it charged with the energy of the sun.


I would like to ask a question.
Will this DM help in the case of heart issues? May it make the heart stronger? I based on astrological relationship between the heart and the Leo sign which is embodiment of the Sun energy.
Thank you.

For sure it will increase the element of fire in the body.


Maitreya, thank you!

Excuse me, one question more…
May I wear it (but i am a woman, not a man) or i may only charge other objects with it?


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Men and Women have both masculine & feminine energies within them. On average, men have more masculine than feminine, and women on average have more feminine than masculine. But, both genders have & need both energies.


Thank you!

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