DM: Style Guide

This field will help you to combine clothes, shoes, accessories so you can look in your best with your outfit for the occasion you are going to. This is very important for the first impressions, meeting with new people, jobs, relationships, etc. When the outfit starts to fits your style and aura – other people will start to perceive you in a different way – as more respected, attractive, trustful…

The field includes also the energy of charisma and glow.

Can be used also to find while (online) shopping good quality outfits and to choose the right size and colors which will fit the best to you.

The field is not about fashion trends, but to help a person to find their own unique style to look and feel the best.


just bought. didn’t even ask if it was unisex? hope that helps. I’m always overwhelmed with such things.

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It’s unisex. It brings the best for everyone personally.


Sudden inspiration to different hair styles I didn’t think of before. Quick, easy but with an extra little twist that makes the look stand out in a really good way.

Sudden inspiration to new outfits, trying things I’d never considered before. New combinations with old clothes but also trying out new stuff.

Made great bargains on the internet. Found some fake leather pants in the just right colors I’ve been looking for, for more than a year. Just stumbled upon them and for half the price. :+1:t2:

An over all easy feeling about my looks/style.
New Ideas for repurpose old clothes.

Results came quickly like small nudges. At first I didn’t recognize that it was the field working as I had forgotten I put it on an usb with the field emitter. But when there was so many of them in a fast row, I remembered having the field.:slightly_smiling_face:


That’s great! Good to know.

Do you find that the outfits you’re trying out fit you like feels like your own style?

What is the usb with the field emitter? What is that used for?

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Of course.

Look it up in the search function.:slightly_smiling_face:

That’s great. I think having your own unique style is important.

And okay, I’ll look it up.