DM: Stoicism

This product contains a Digital mandala + Audio file.

Stoicism holds the view that the key to a good, happy life is the cultivation of an excellent mental state, which the Stoics identified with virtue, outer and inner self-control, and being rational. Epictetus-the great Greek Stoic philosopher holds the theory that we have very little control over our lives, we don’t control how our heartbeats and we don’t know how fast our blood travels through the body.

The only thing that we really control is how we think about things, the judgments we make about things. This is where our power lay. Facts and events in our life are in themselves neutral, but our judgment of them creates thoughts that lead to emotions, then actions and this is how we create the life we live in. This field is designed to calm your mind, clear chaotic thoughts, and put you in a neutral state which feels like being on top of a mountain and observing the big picture from it.

The field will strengthen your ability for rational and logical thinking and hold your emotional state stable and neutral. It is programmed also to release your inner resistance towards changes and events in your life, to give you increased adaptability, and to widen your comfort zone.

The field carries the deep understanding that there is a Divine Plan for your soul journey and gives you patience and faith that everything will unfold in your best interest. This does not mean an attitude of passivity and obedience, but rather, healthy humility and the ability to accept facts of life without an unnecessary fight.


I find it hilarious that the stoic has a jacket and a book and baggy pants and a phone lol.


Immediate results after 3 consecutive listens, my thoughts changed immediately.

  • Honorable ideas about myself.
  • Eloquent phrases to recite in public.
  • Elimination of fear towards a huge challenge that I have to face.

Thanks Maitreya!


I think the point is to show that the phone is turned off and they’re reading, not being concerned with the outer world but their inner world instead. but also I think they’re supposed to be a millennial for some reason? maybe because of how younger generations are often seen as more “attached to technology” and their phones and the outside world, etc


could be oh yea I could definitely see that way.I like ur thinking that’s wat I do all day lol . (: ah i just trying to share a laugh i find it funny that a stoic has all that.


Well done @Maitreya

(and thanks for offering audio and mandala together)