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Same here, cant seem to feel or connect?

It won’t replace Universal Clearing but will work similarly to Chakra Cleansing. It’s a bit different approach/program.

You can try, but I would say doing it yourself makes more sense. It’s like you would give away your dog to someone to train it, but still, after that, you will need to know how to work with your dog.
I have two dogs, and I created a strong bond with them by teaching them, feeding them, grooming them etc by myself.

Meditate with the mandala. It might be some kind of blockage. Ask the mandala to strengthen the connection. Give him a name. Small tasks. At the beginning you can pretend you talk to it. You can give it some sort of new look/design, shape.


Do dogs need to be fed? Physical food or is it a “game of consciousness”, imagining? Interesting.

In general, I understand that you are talking about establishing connections and contact with dogs. :smiley:


The SMILODONS are with me. I already have a lot of time with them.

But I don’t feel them. I don’t feel like they work.

My question is: Can The Field Optimizer help me connect better with my SMILODONS?

Can The Field Optimizer make SMILODONS work automatically?

Thank you.

It was just an example. I meant a real doggos :slight_smile: But Smilodon is compared to the energetic dog; it doesn’t need food, though.

The Optimizer is a tool that allows HS to use fields in the stack/folder. You can try, but I don’t think it will help you to connect better, as you don’t need to carry DM Smilodon with you. It is more made for fields that you need to carry for a period of time, and your HS can activate fields that are beneficial to you.
You can always ask your HS directly to help you to feel this connection more.
Are you energy-sensitive? Do you feel other fields?

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@Polaris I’m working on it now. I only found out about the fields a week and a half ago. I feel something, like sensations in the body (energy flows), but I’m not sure whether it’s the same thing. Therefore, it is even interesting to know from you, as a practitioner, how energy sensitivity to fields manifests itself - at a good and advanced level?

Some people won’t feel anything, and that’s okay. Fields work whether you feel the energy or not, but for those who are energy-sensitive, energy work has pros and cons.
The biggest pro is that you feel it working, and you can experience nice sensations all over your body. Everyone has a different reaction.
Cons are you will feel the attack strongly, too. A physical manifestation of attacks can be really painful. Or get overloaded faster sometimes, because strong energy will knock you down. But it is not the same rule for everyone.
Another example of a double-edged sword is that my empathy increased, and I can feel other people’s emotions way too much. On the other side, when feelings are good it’s like swimming in the ocean of love. But I have to make sure that I am not too long in a bad environment as it drags me down quickly.

In my case, my sensitivity developed with clearing. And I’ve done a lot of that in the past few years. Removing vows, blocks, DNA repair, and curses helped me a lot. I was pretty lucky to meet wonderful people along my way, and receive help from Higher Realms too. But it’s a hard work. Sometimes scary. Sometimes painful. It’s worth it by all means.


What kind of mandalas exactly? For example, DNA REPAIR + Telomere Extension, Christ Consciousness - Activate DNA, DM: SBR Part 1: Ancestral and DNA
Releasing Vows and Old Soul Contracts, DM: Ancestral Line Clearing,

And it’s not just about mandalas? Your experience is interesting. Or at least where to start.

And another separate question: can UNIVERSAL CLEARING replace Chakra Cleansing or not? :slight_smile:


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Those too. I suggest following your inner voice. Your path might be different. :slight_smile:

It might help with chakras in general, but the main focus is different. I would use Chakra Fury along with this for the most optimal results.

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Universal Clearing + Chakra Fury?
Chakra Fury + Chakra Cleansing?

Chakra Fury + Universal Clearing

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What do you mean?

The way it is made, it cannot be destroyed. There have already been tests on this, and it is certainly known.

It has handled several attacks that have been tried on me, without any need for action on my part. :slight_smile:

There is a program/feature that I will not share to prevent it from being cracked by some enthusiasts.


I printed the smilodon DM on a regular A4 plain paper.
Usually photo paper is used whenever printing DMs.
As this paper is now getting worn down, is it possible to discard the paper and print new one on photo paper, with still valid smilodon license?
Meaning smilodon still exists when printing new DM and doing the ‘create’ command or no need?

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no problem with that

Thank you for the reply