Connect with Spiritual Guardians – Angels ❤ Spiritual Growth Series

This audio is programmed to connect with your spirit guardians or angels, as you would prefer to call them.

A spirit guardian/angel is someone who has agreed to watch-over someone in the physical incarnation on Earth. Watch-over, possibly give subtle/intuitive messages of inspiration, but not to interfere with the person’s ‘freewill,’ their choice/decisions. Some of our guardians only stay to help us at different stages of growth and after a certain period of time, other guardians come and take over; assisting us with our next stage of learning.

Anyway, we always have helpers from other higher dimensions and we can connect to them. To ask for help in any area in our life, for help, for protection, for wisdom and advice. ASK AND IT’S GIVEN!

This audio works better when you listen it and has little after effects when you stop. With many practice the connection between you and your angels will get stronger and won’t be necessary to listen to this audio.


Boosted version (FREE):

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Mandala version but with intercession aspects?

So the mandala connects and allows them to interfere etc


Hello, has anyone used this to connect with their spirit guides and wants to share their experiences? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah man, I just realized no one talks about this field.

This one and the free 5D connection are elite gems that people don’t seem to get any reaction too, but I’ve had the most incredible results with.

The Spiritual Guardians one is usually more personal matters, so the lack of sharing for that one is understandable. I can tell you whenever you’re in need of help or reassurance, they will give you a sign. If there is a question you are struggling with spiritually, they have helped guide me to the right answer. Even if you simply ask, sincerely, for them to make their presence known, they will answer.


Most of the time people expect to see their guide physically or to hear it in their heads. That is not impossible, but more than 90% of the people if see their guide in their room - will get so scared from it lol

Guides send messages in a more gentle way - with thoughts, music, pictures, with a random person on the street… in meditation, etc.

This is one of TOP 10 fields that a person should give attention to.


I overlooked this.
I will try it.
Many hidden gems!


@Maitreya Is this still on your list?

Guardian forces and also general angelic intercession as a wearable mandala ?

@Vega , I post here what I found about this matter, in only one link:

Calendario Angelico: i 72 Angeli custodi - AnimicaMente

For who read:
Everyone has a Guardian from birth, search your birthday and you’ll know what is the power that you can ask in every moment and everytime.
Every Angel has a different power, and if you’ll use this field in the exact moment through the invocation in the days and hours of passage the efficiency will be maximized, even if the Angel isn’t your personal protector.

72 Angels with 72 different powers represent an army, and we are only talking about the lower level of their hierarchy, that is governed by the Seraphims.

Show always respect and gratitude.

My research continues and I hope to be of help.

FREE Digital Mandala:
Audio Updated to DM!

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Thanks :face_holding_back_tears: :heart:


How should I use this to ask for help to get rid of spiritual attacks? audios of intercession from other channels do nothing, audios of exorcisms, shields, do nothing, at most they cancel or reduce the strength of the attack, I have tried sometimes to remove curses and maitreya entity and it also never worked, I want to try this because I haven’t tried it yet, the more I advance in trying to force the removal of these entities, the worse the attacks and harassments get. These attacks always start when I try to develop my spiritual side, 3 eye, lucid dream audios, these entities just don’t want to let me have lucidity in the astral plane, but I’m already tired of this shit, I can’t go on without evolving my spiritual side , I need spiritual power to fulfill my goals, I can’t remain stagnant for the rest of my life because some damn entities don’t want me to evolve. I barely slept last night because every time I go to sleep the attacks start, not even the adaptive shield does anything to stop these attacks and I know that all these years it’s always been the same entity, the energy is always very similar.

I created an audio to send these entities to the creator source as a last resort, but that’s when they got desperate and today the harassment is worse than ever.

Ask your Angels, guides, Higher Self, and even primarily God (if you are a believer) or the Universe for the following: To remove all the reasons within you that allow and permit evil to attack you.

If you have ever attacked other beings in a past life, another dimension, or between dimensions, ask God, the Angels to energetically target these people/beings and cleanse the suffering that you have caused them, to provide them with complete healing up to the soul level, and to receive the greatest benefits and blessings possible based on their experience.

Declare that you are retracting any vows to evil. If you have performed magic in any life or violated the free will of other beings, now declare that you renounce all the benefits you gained through these powers and ask the Angels to give you the sensation needed to know that the Universe cares for you and provides you with everything you need, without using the services of beings from the 4th and 5th dimensions.

Request all illusions within you that evil is strong to be removed. All illusions and realities that make you believe that you can’t cope and that they will never leave you, never let you escape from them.

With all this, declare that you are releasing absolutely all implants, influences, and emotions that allow you to have holes in your aura and let these beings pierce through it.

Lastly, declare that you refuse to serve these beings, the entire egregore of evil, you refuse to connect with their energies and laws and ask God and the Angels to give you the clear sense that it is your right, and to remove any fear of death, or that these beings can and have the ability to harm you in any way. Your consent to this is now retracted in all lives, dimensions, between dimensions, all times, and all other places they are given in the Universe.

May all your energy be returned from these places fully purified, whole, and all separated parts and consciousnesses that are only yours to be cleansed from all this and to be returned to you and your soul.


In such cases, it’s very likely that 1. There’s a vow to it that still stands, meaning you’ve once benefited from it (You renounce everything that came from there - Money, Power, Love, whatever you’ve ordered.)

  1. If you know its name, you give the command to send it into the light with the mandala you have, and if you don’t know it:

  2. Enter into meditation, the deeper the better.

  3. Enter with the intention to connect with God, the true one, who has created everything and forbid any other beings to interfere with this, and God to make you a tunnel of light, with which to find it.

  4. When you feel the state of pure consciousness or pure love - ask for the name of this being.

  5. If you get its name, command it, using it to go into the light without the right to return to any of your incarnations or realities.

  6. If you fail to get anything, command God to track it down and call it by its sacred name, without the right to return to any of your incarnations or realities.


It’s very important, when a person has problems with attacks of this nature, to renounce all the benefits they have received from these forces, because otherwise whatever they do, it won’t work. This is first and foremost!


Maitreya, I wanted to ask you this question, how likely is it that you are attacked by an entity in your dreams? Or is it more likely just a subconscious purge?

By the way, are you still accepting testimonials right? because I’m about to upload mine :smiley:

It’s very common for people to experience attacks and programming while they sleep - from entities and wizards, for those who have problems in this area. That’s when a person is most susceptible, with lowered defenses, and if they have not trained their mind, these attacks are successful. That’s why we created the Sleep Protection mandala. :slight_smile:

Yup. You can send it to the email. :slight_smile: Thank you for the time and effort you will dedicate!


oh thanks for your answer :smiley:

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I had the same issue with one demon. Tortured me for most of my life. Started from when I was 3yrs old. Made me to block my 3rd eye and lock my potential.
I made myself so strong and I challenged “her” in 30th anniversary at the same place where it all began. Turned out she was way weaker than I expected. All this fear I had for all my life to realized that I was afraid of demon that is level 5 lets say. While during my journey I faced level 50+. When I got some of my memories back, I understand why they did everything to keep me away. I’m pain in their arse for thousands of years.
This demon is not as strong as you might think. Our fear is giving them power. The more you think “nothing works”, the stronger he seems to be. You feed him.
You are way much more powerful than you think, and this entity is way much weaker than you feel. Take you power back. You are not McDonalds to keep them fat.
Maybe you are one of those souls with natural talents in sending demons back to Light, and that is why they don’t want you to unlock your potential. And your Higher Self wants you to face this entity so you could feel how strong you are. Darkness can’t win with Light, simply walk into completely dark room and switch the light on.

In this case I would ask the Creator who has power over everything including darkness, to load you with so much Light, so you could blind every demon in the whole country. Don’t limit yourself. Blind them all.