DM: Smilodon - The Guardian

Creates a guardian smilodon (energetic/smart being) that operates similarly to a guardian dog.

Features of the guardian ;

-Will constantly clear your aura and chakras from negative energy or parasitic beings
-Will actively scan for negative/parasitic entities nearby and remove them

-Will create slight discomfort in people that try to project on you or vamp on your energy or general bad intention. (Like an astral growl which their subconscious will pick on, similar to a lion roaring at you angrily)
-At night when you sleep, it will look for damaged areas and heal you while also guarding you and your environment.
-Can be used as an astral companion to travel safely.

  • 1 smilodon per owner may be created with one mandala. The maximum mandalas/smilodons you can have are two.

Creation ;

Print the mandala, touch it with your left thumb, and say “create”.

The process then begins, and the mandala creates your guardian in around 1 hour. Must have the mandala in a 3-meter range of you when you create it.


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So this means with 1 purchased mandala, I can create 2 Smilodons, e.g. one for me and one for a parent of mine?


1 per mandala bro,

2 mandalas max, two seperate hunters


Fighting the temptation


Pretty sure it will be useful very soon in the next phase

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Does one need to carry the mandala or once created, the guardian is linked to the creator and no need to carry the mandala?

What happens if the printed mandala is lost? It cannot be created a third time, right?


Love the concept, thanks so much for this Maitreya! Appreciate the effort this one must’ve took


Finally :wink:

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From the way it is written in description, once it is created the being is with you always. Only during creation is it needed within the designated distance.


Honestly this is worth it just to see how people react to such protection!


Entities meaning all including people/entities?


Wow wish I could get this

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Could this affect any animals living in the house? Would they sense the smilodon and be afraid? Or they are safe and won’t know that smilodon is there.

And what if we use the curse remover, remove entities, and deep aura cleanser etc from sapiens audio that will erase all things? Any safety guidelines to protect our smilodon from getting erased?


What kind of damage it will heal at night ? Energetic body / Aura ? Or physical as well ?

Can Smilodon overwhelm you ?

Is there a chance to fail the creation process somehow, having subconscious blockage or limiting belief ?

Is it ok, to purchase two mandalas from one bank account, and share one mandala with a relative, or other person need to buy it for himself personally ?

Hopefully you will answer! Thank you :slight_smile:


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This depends on the dog’s skills (yes, they also have).
Some dogs sense I lot those stuff and bark when they feel something.
Same thing goes for cats.

Can’t be erased even if you use those stuff.
He has energetical cord to his owner.

They are connected. :slight_smile:

Don’t think so.

No. There is no such option here.

He/She needs to get it personally. Or if you get 2, can send me a message to add to the field the other person.


Personally, means that this person have to buy it from his own bank account ? Or account doesn’t matter and he just need to press purchase button with his finger ?

Will this mandala be helpful for modified people ?

Can this creature be trained for something that is not mentioned in the description ?

That’s it, no more questions :slight_smile:


It would be much better if the other person purchases separately, using their own account.



@Genius can give example on how to train ???


Having servitors and not taking the veil down is weird.

You gotta see em.

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