DM: Release Guilt

Mandala that relieves you from feeling guilt or guilty. According to Vadim Zeland, this is a condition that makes you a victim. And when you feel guilty, you quickly create situations in which you are punished for your guilt. That is also the reason why one encounters a lot of disasters and inconveniences in life. Hence, people who are not conscious of guilt get on much better in life.


Does this also remove feelings of Shame?




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Releasing guilt made me looking, frankly i must admite, really handsome today :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Do shame next. Its an instabuy for me.

This mandala has got me taking action like crazy.

Guilt and shame permeates my life and is a core feature of those who grow up in households with addicts and co-dependents.


We were all born into this world with naturally high levels of confidence and self esteem. Children run around naked barefoot without a care of what other people think, take toys from other children without asking, and will lie to their mother about not eating cookies with chocolate on their face. Shame and guilt, unnatural learned emotions strip this away.


For me a closely connected topic to guilt is regret.

Guilt refers to something you did, something which you feel you shouldn’t have done because it was morally or legally wrong.

Regret refers to circumstances beyond one’s personal control. One definition of regret is “distress over a desire unfulfilled.” You wanted to do something, but wasn’t sure whether you should do it or how, and later as time passes and the opportunity passes one regrets past decisions often coming from uncertainty, a limited understanding, insecurities, fears (fear of making a mistake, fear of failure, fear of regret and other fears). But one keeps remembering and returning mentally to the past and regretting past decisions, or this is triggered by experiencing some similar circumstances again and one feels frozen about taking a decision.

Would love to release my regrets permanently, live without the negative emotional charge of past regrets.

It’s not in the description, so I guess the answer will be NO, but guilt and regret are pretty closely related, but for example psychologists make a distinction between them, so I ask anyway:
Does this also remove feelings of Regret?

Sometimes some mandalas have been upgraded in the past:
Would it be perhaps OK to add “Release Regrets” to it, if possible?


Lets make a list… shall we

These we have already covered in mandalas:

    • Guilt (DM: Release Guilt) 
    • Trauma (DM: Trauma, Incident & Limiting Belief Clearing) 
    • Anxiety (DM: Fight & Flight) 
    • Laziness (DM: Doer) 
    • Negative aspects (DM: Shadow Integration) 
    • Resistence (DM: Inner Resistence Dissolver)
    • Fear (DM: Fearlessness State)

These we feel like we need

  • *Shame*
  • *Loneliness*
  • *Frustration*
  • *Depression*
  • *Rejection*
  • *Regret*
  • *Emptiness*
  • *Hurt*
  • *Sadness
  • *Grief
  • *Anger
  • *Hate
  • *Blame
  • *Abuse
  • *Effects of Pornography 
  • *Effects of Social Media

What else



How about something like: Everything in us that is lower than 200 on the level of consciousness scale (LOC)?


Feeling ligheter after releasing guilt , guys? :slight_smile:


bought today. what range? :blush:

30 cm

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