DM: Parents Love (Patreon Exclusive)

This field has been created to give you the energy of mother’s and father’s love. Many people suffer because they feel unloved by their family. They may live with a heavy burden of negative emotions towards their parents and blame them, because they did not feel loved when they were little or even as grown ups. One may also feel bitterness and guilt, feeling that they were not good enough and that’s why they were denied love by their parents.

This field is intended to give you not simply general unconditional love but exactly the vibration of parental love so any deficit or perception of one is healed and replaced by the sense of feeling fully loved and accepted by your parents. The field will give your energy bodies the information how to live your life feeling fully loved by great parents, regardless of the ‘real’ circumstances.

PS: Field will work only for those who are part of the tier.


This one is really good not only to heal the lack of parental love given to ourselves, but also to wake up our own parental love towards our children.
If an aversion for having kids of our own is caused by not receiving love and attention in childhood, this could heal this. Surprisingly fast.

Also for those who don’t have any kids of their own but have step children.

This field paired with Raising Children Knowledge opens up for a universal parental love and confidence, regardless who’s children it is.


I couldn’t agree more!
I always believed that “Parenting” should be a subject at school, mandatory for everyone. This would stop creating more narcissists or people with attachment issues. Those two fields could break the circle.


A lack in parenthood can be caused by many things. A struggle to make ends meet, bad health, psychological and spiritual immaturity. To full blown narcissists, of course.

Even the most loving and well intended parents can “fail”. There might be a soul lesson for the child in some aspect the the parent can’t provide.

Also we may not experience the best parenting in this incarnation, but accumulated experiences and wisdom from previous ones could weigh up for it and the child finds it’s way through this almost untouched by the circumstances.

This might be one of the reasons why siblings can have a very different opinion of their parents and childhood.
The same when parents matures, the first born can have a very different parent than the youngest.

Acknowledge the lack and reflect on it is the key here, I believe. Blaming is a narcissistic approach and not fruitful.

Being an older soul, having other grown ups to compare with can help with this.

But still, thats all pretty much theory.

It won’t give the energetic experience of good parenting and feeling loved and welcomed on a deeper level.

Our own blueprint/soulplan and the Source can help. But not everybody are connected strongly and consciously with their spiritual side,

When having children we connect with our own childhood, reflect on what kind of parents we want to be. Doubt of not being good enough. (good enough is enough. No one is perfect what ever perfect means) :wink:

These doubts might be the cause for feeling resistance of having children at all. A field like Parental Love can greatly help with that sense of beeing filled up with love, feeling nurtured.

Giving hope for being able to give it oneself. Feeling lack and loneliness might take the joy out of being a parent as if a child would drain our selves of something we dont feel we have from the start.

So this field is not just about what we can get but also what we can give. If we want to. :slight_smile: