DM: OM v2 (Patreon Exclusive)

Om or Aum is a very powerful symbol. It is beyond time, as it’s considered the source of all creation, the eternal oneness of all that is.

Those four subtle sounds of Om correspond to four levels of consciousness as follows: “A” – conscious, waking state; “U” – subtle, unconscious dream state; “M” – subconscious, deep sleep state; the fourth sound is the silence, which represents the absolute consciousness that illuminates and pervades the three prior states.

Other uses of this symbol:

· creates a pathway to God and Higher Consciousness

· purifies, protects, seals and stabilizes the Aura

· regular chanting leads to opening and activating the Third Eye Chakra

· used in many spiritual practices like a ticket for faster evolution

· and many more


What are the differences to the previous version? How to chant om? Have no experience with chanting :slight_smile:

V2 is boosted a bit. I have 0 experience in chanting. Maybe someone else could direct you in that :slight_smile:

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Oh i understand, i decided to use dibine invocation and restore source connection in combo with chanting om mani padme hum, while infinetily repeater is on. Will see what happens, for now i decided to lay my life in God’s hands, along with working with sub connector and the manifestation tools. I have so many dms and wanted to reduce the list, but can’t figure out or prioritize what i need really. Think this is a good way to feel better and get guidance :slight_smile: