DM: Divine Connection (Patreon Exclusive)

This field has been created to connect you instantly to the Ultimate level of existence, where everything is one with the Creator of All that Is, or God. We are always connected to God anyway, but often in life we get carried away by worries, problems and negative emotion and lose the feeling of being always at home, always loved and accepted by God as we are right now.

This field will remind you that you are never separate from your Divine Source and will fill you with God’s presence, love and light. It brings a sense of completion, timelessness, that everything is alright and perfect as is. The field has been programmed to offer that vibration to the higher self of anyone in proximity of it so they can chose to accept it or nor, and to the higher self, conscious and subconscious mind and the energy bodies and the physical body—all organs, cells, systems to those who use that mandala knowingly and with the intention to get the described result.