Concentration and Focus - Mega Boost

This field will increase your focus and concentration tremendously - like x500 boost. The field also includes brain synchronization which will help you a lot with using more capacity of brain and increase IQ, be more creative, get faster and smarter solutions (problem solving etc.)

Digital Mandala:


Okay now you’re talking my language!!!


This is great
Tried the mandala and it worked pretty fast (The Mandala is three times more powerful).


Does anyone know if we can use this as a wallpaper on a phone and still reap the benefits? It seems like most people are printing it out. I’m not really sure if it works with the phone screen off, and so, I wanted to make we can do that since I always have my phone with me.

Works better printed. You can get benifit if you use as wallpaper but not sure if it works when phone is off

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I see. Thank you. I wanted confirmation for this, because I never understood how a mandala would be able to emit energy if the phone screen off and nothing is displaying. Yet, there’s creators that say it still works somehow. I guess I’ll just print it. Thanks again.

Well if you’re using Aether Frequencies mandala then it will work if the screen is off but not sure how @Maitreya made her mandala so it’s better to ask her…

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Well, it’d help to think of an old-school desktop computer with a separate monitor. Imagine you have the computer turned on and it’s showing an image of the mandala. This would cause the energy to flow, since the mandala has been digitally recreated by the computer.

Now, turn off the monitor, but leave the computer on. The computer is still generating the digital representation of the mandala regardless of what the monitor is doing. Even though you can’t see the mandala anymore, the energy is still flowing.

Now, with phones there’s a bit of an unknown. Since the phone’s screen is built-in, it’s hard to say if the device continues to generate the digital representation when it knows the screen is off. Good engineering would put a halt to background processes like this to save processing power, thus improving battery life. But, this is speculation that I don’t know how to verify - hence the unknown.

This is why it’s safer to print it out. If you really want the mandala to be with you when you have your phone, put the printout inside your phone case or print the mandala onto a sticker that you put on the back of your phone or something.


There is an option to avoid your phone turning off, of course the battery will suffer a lot.
My guess is if a phone is off for a long time, the wallpaper is not active to save battery sort of when you are in hibernate mode in Windows.

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Thank you for the analogy! I hope @Maitreya can answer this for us. Because I already asked Programmed Intentions if I can use his mandalas as a phone wallpaper and he said I can and it won’t affect the energy flow. I hope it’s the same with Maitreya. But I still do plan on printing it out even it still works as a wallpaper on a phone, just in case.

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in my opinion, mandalas still work even with a locked phone screen.when you locked your phone, the clock keeps running in the same background and keeps giving you the exact time in real time every time you check, even after a long screen’s true it consumes energy, but it’s really very little energy (it’s not like an animation that loops in the background).and it is exactly the same for, the image as home screen wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper.

As for the mandala, even if it is covered by your clothes, they still work, and it is the same, even if it is covered by a darkened screen, they still work normally, i it just needs to be displayed (even if it is covered by something).

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for the gumroad version, it says in the description that the concentration and focus is multiplied by X 1500 :exploding_head::face_with_head_bandage:
We are not talking about multiplying by 5, or by 10, or by 100, or even 500 … But we are talking about multiplying by X 1500.
I’m impressed, and I don’t even know if it’s possible to do that sort of thing in this reality, because if you’re already focused (or very focused) usually, then with that on top of that, you will surely unlock the seventh sense :alien::robot: (and it won’t be much different if you have poor concentration, the result will always be unrealistic).
Just want it to work as instructed.
@Maitreya With the power of your creations, you hit like mike tyson, And that’s what we prefer👍.


Would this field be permanent

mandalas work on phone, but printed is better
not because of the picture or colors,
but your phone constantly takes/send signals

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@Maitreya , when using the mandala version of this audio, does the effect of concentration come gradually throughout the day, much like the mandala of the three treasures ?! Or is the final / total effect obtained after a few minutes ?!


it has effect the whole day


So if I wear it 24/7, I will always be more focused X1500, but without being overloaded by the energy.thank you

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Have u buy this? Im pretend to buy this mandala but im worry about what u said, kind of hyper focus state, which is not good.

this comment I wrote was just the result of my understanding and not my experience.a few days later I bought it and have been experimenting with it all this time (almost since its publication).what I observe after experimentation, is a good concentration when I need it, it is not at all overwhelming for me, and helps me in my intellectual tasks with a good concentration.


thank you. and it won’t grow like sapien mandala? because if it grow then my brain will blow off lol :smiley: