[Help ]Can I share mandala manager with my 3 months old niece?

Is it ok to share mandala manager with my 3 months old niece?
I’m thinking to use mandala guardian angel protection (kids one)
And unconditional love
For my niece?
Is it possible to create a connection for my niece?

While still pairing it with me on different pendrive?.. Or I have to unpair first and then make a connection for my niece only?

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I wouldn’t use anything other than DM KIDS Mandala above. It has everything beneficial.
You could overload your niece with other fields. Plus I am pretty sure she won’t be able to say ACTIVATE yet, so the connection can’t be established.
You are connected with her energetically, I am sure your love would be enough. You can ask for protection for her, and shield her with your love as well. :blush:

for unconditional love

you can check the Field broadcaster mandala

it has range of 15Meters

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@anon56859622 thanks I will use only digital mandala for kids :heart_eyes::pray: