DM: Jealousy Protection

This field creates protection against one of the heaviest energies - jealousy.

Jealousy can feel like a heavy rock in the body or solar plexus.

It reduces the power of the person who receives it and it gets hard to move with the same speed to archive the stuff he wants.

When jealousy is too high for the energetical bodies, it can break the body and feel like a psychic attack.

This field will protect you from all this.


I also have a question regarding this field. :pray:

Will this help the jealous person resolve those heavy energies he/she is sending outward?
As in, will it bring healing to the jealous person if he/she carry this field? Or is it only beneficial for the “victim” on the receiving end of the jealousy? :heart:


It has a clearing on the person who uses it to resolve jealousy in him/her.
When there is a gap for someone to send us something and we agree to receive it as energy, most of the time (not all) we are carrying the same thing which allows this to happen to us.
So, yes. This field is working on clearing those energies in the person who uses it.


Thank you, that makes sense :heart: I found that I carry the energies I receive within me on some level. Although I must admit, sometimes that takes a while to reconcile :joy:


I haven’t gotten this field but I’ve noticed that some entities project a lot of jealousy so this could be very useful for people dealing with entities.


Can someone give some more insight on how this field is working for them?

I can give. It relieves my energy system with a feeling of 20 kilograms lifted. Haha

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Thank you I just bought it already feeling relief from evil eyes

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