DM: I Know You

This is a very special field, but it’s definitely not for everyone. It will increase your empathic skills, body sensations and intelligence to a level which you will predict / feel / know what are the intentions of other people with whom you communicate.

Field it’s perfect to help doctors, healers, to help you in everyday life in all kind of relationships.

If you are not partner with truth, better skip this one.


You are simply the best :purple_heart:

My patients gonna love me



we can read people mind with this?

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Empathic skills? I’m definitely out, I recommend thinking carefully before using this.


@DarkMatter what is example for emphatic skill?i am interested with it.

yeah its a no for me as well. Although this will have to be addressed at some point in the journey. Right now… Ef that lol there is way to much going on in the world for this one right now!


just wanna know if this can read people mind then i know who to avoid in the future…

Empaths feel shit so I’m guessing no to mind reading. Use the RS and shift to reading the minds of others.


Empathic ? Nah…Appreciate all the work but going to have to pass on this …folks energies all over the place in the matrix


will try this one


@NIneTailFox19 cool.please post your result later kay?


@Atreides do you think this will be a good combo with mind control mandala?

Why do you think it would be?

because mind control prepare our mind to learn something…so it blends well with “i know u mandala”

Yes, exactly, but the question is, if we think about it that way it is useful in almost anything, so yes, it is worth acquiring


If I were to use it I would pair it with Mind Control as a counterbalance or safety measure even before I would pair it with Empath Protection. I see Mind Control as a better empath protection than Empath Protection.


why is that it more better?

It’s only my opinion. Control over what’s happening in you is better than light, love, positive energy etc. Control. Your own volition. All those other things can be used against you. Everything but volition. And probably vision too. But Mind Control does both. Now “I know you” may take vision even further. But the whole goal is to stop giving a fuck. Because you are staring into the nothing. When you can see their lies just well enough to write them off entirely, you’ve won. Read their face. But if you keep trying to understand as if there was actually something there to understand you will get sucked into the nothing. That’s their root.


@anon76712240 hey do you buy this?

Not yet, but i will

Review by the end of week