DM: Energetic Life Coach

Yes, I know that, solving other people’s problems is easy, but your own is rather difficult. Now that I’ve had the Life Coach Mandala for 3-4 days, let’s see how it works for me.


Can this mandala help me ATTRACT WOMEN?


I’m not sure. Maybe by helping you to change your mindset so that you become more interesting for women.
But first of all I have to find out for myself what the mandala can do.

One question, for ENERGETIC LIFE COACH which would be the best option?:

1.- Print mandala and wear it on my jeans.


3.- In usb memory, Field Emitter + Field Optimizer + Energetic Life Coach


Hahaha, I use all 3 options. But every variant should work.

Most people for me, I said most,not all. after 10 minutes or less, of interacting, I could use a vacation, so speak. Having been spiritually aware and intelligent from a very young age, so yeah I can relate more than just a few words,as to what all you’ve shared here.
Energetic “Life” Coach, Finder and Violet Flame Look like a Helluva combination to use
As does Appreciated, Release Gaslighting and “dissolve” Codependancy

Maitreya, I have a very important question for you/staff.

DM: Energetic Life Coach could I used this to heal/clear/find solutions/remove road blocks for attracting money/manifesting money/allowing it “in” coming to Me??

or is there another DM you/staff would recommend instead or along with this one
Im planning of getting Release Gaslighting, Winning Lottery/Attrack Money and I was thinking Violet Flame…Maybe I outta go with DM: Energetic Life Coach & Violet Flame and the audio Winning the Lottery/Attract More Money - for what all I VERY MUCH NEED to manifest. PS: The Finder and the Energetic Coach, sounds like a Hell of a Combination! Any feedback?
thank you ahead of time, very much!!
Energetic Life Coach
The Finder and
Violet Flame
are looking really good too, as a combo for achieving goals ,as well as, healing/clearing/restoring.

Dayuumm!! Holy Moley !! Amazing. I Love both and Use both along with Butterfly effect, The Violet Flame, love that one and Faith in God,( innate faith in God) and the Field Primer


this is a powerfull dm , one of my fevorites !

i notice that the

Remove Negative Energy are a powerfull even more on the" junk clearing stuff

Is it possible to put the benefits of the new field into here?
since the energetic life coach created also for this purpese , and also more expensive :slight_smile:

I did not quite understand the question. To put what where?

i would meant to say,
if maitreya Constantly improving and developing with the fields
and there is an old product’s on the shop that also doing the same Purpose
why not to link these new fields to the old dm’s and upgrade them?
can be even more powerful and effective to there purpose!

if i buy the life coach that cost x4 more then the # Remove Negative Energy

anyway , its just an idea.
Its can be really cool the know that sometimes my dm’s have a new daily upgrade’s that i can try! it sounds so exiting

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i just had a x10 stronger expirience with the new field
compere to the life coach . so
maybe instead of release similar fields ,
why not to focus on make the flagship products (book of health V2 for exmple)
and find a way to make it even more effective and smart .
ppl always share each other , so if this healing tool will offer even more then it is
the profit of a new costumer’s to the book of health will be more profit then creating a new product’s

Quality !

hope you like it <3

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There isn’t even a single Maitreya Fields product that is not top quality. And some of the most amazing ones are free, deliberately.


Word! :wink:

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I agree, but it does not contradict

It’s not as simple and straightforward to combine 15 fields into one because a field itself possesses thousands of changes that our followers don’t see and don’t know about, and they can’t be described as descriptions since we would need to spend days describing everything a single field contains. The goal isn’t to put expensive fields into stores, but to give the maximum with a single field that is related to a specific need.

For example:

Field for Self-esteem In the description, it says that this field will help boost your self-esteem and live a better life.

What happens behind the scenes?

  • All possible causes of a person’s insecurity are sought out
  • Familial patterns are cleared
  • Conditioning from parents, childhood, partners, strangers who have emitted negative thought forms is removed
  • Models and energies are found and removed that make you susceptible to the opinions and energy of others - to gain inner personal strength, a center that is unshakeable
  • Changing your own thoughts and beliefs, removing agreements that have made you feel less than you are due to many reasons such as: If I behave and act smaller, mom and dad will love me; If I avoid conflicts my friends will accept me and I won’t be alone; If I’ve seen as a child someone offending or hurting mom/dad and they didn’t react, didn’t defend themselves - this for me is an automatic program that to survive in this world I must stay quiet, avoid conflicts, suppress myself.
  • Past lives, beliefs, and energies from there are cleared
  • Suppressive models are removed and the person is given the correct energy and perspective that they can be free, can express themselves, that they are safe.

After all these clearances and many others, the main programming begins, which is with new beliefs, emotions, and energies that infuse the energy of self-esteem into the person. (This is also a long process).

Considering that each of the fields contains over 500 to 1000 changes with beliefs, energy shifts, and clearances, it becomes very difficult to put several similar fields into a single item or digital mandala and have it work effectively.


Yes!! This is what I picked up on over the years but I thought I was just imaging it :joy: It explains why Maitreya fields works so well, because it’s so thorough. It doesn’t just solve the problem, it totally uproots everything connected to it and clears and/or heals it. Very holistic approach


For the cases in which our current goals are mismatched to HS/ Higher purpose goals; does the coach guide us to set aligned goals or prefer one over other in the short term?

The field will work on your goals. HS is patient. In fact, your HS will allow you to look for your answers in many different places. It’s part of the learning. If you feel that you are doing something against your HS guidance, then maybe it’s better to go with the flow instead of swimming in the wrong direction. Either way, you will learn something.

Best mental field ever .

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