DM: Dreams of the Druids

You will receive messages and guidance from the Druids in your dreams with this mandala. You can also connect with them and receive guidance when you are awake, if you are in a slow brain-wave state, free from stress. You can put the mandala under your pillow or carry it with you.


Who are the druids?

Because you release on the same time ‘dreams from the arcturians’ and ‘dreams from the pleidians’ who are alien galaxy/species, but who are the druids?

Or it is people who live on earth?

You can google. We can use Maitreya’s valuable time to get answers to questions that cannot be found easily via google.

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I live in an country where Druids were the most common in history, no need to really google what a druid is lol

I have read your article and they talk only about the past, the title of the article ‘who WERE the druids’

My question is more what the field connect you to?
People (druids) who have lived in the past…, people in the present who consider themself druids?
Or more of a collective?


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