DM: Discipline and Self Control

This field has been created to give you the vibration of discipline, will, and self-control. These qualities allow you to direct your life the way you truly want it to go and make the right decisions based on your long-term goals and the best outcomes for you and not based on momentary pleasures and distractions. It allows you to control your thoughts, emotions, actions, use your time wisely and responsibly.


I gave in.

I gave in and I bought this. At first sight, I knew it was game over…for my vices and remnants of addictions. They stood no chance against the hijacking of this DM. Imagine brain reset combined with willpower. The entire back hemisphere of my brain was and still is getting re-worked…In a similar fashion to the sensation of parasite DM. For anyone who still makes actions that they are frustrated with, that don’t align with their own conscious goals, I cannot recommend parasite removal and this DM enough.

A teacher I really looked up to once told me the most important trait that people who are successful in their field have, is self control. If you cannot control yourself, how can you control your reality and manifest that which you desire? Reclaim your right and take back what is yours. Everything.


Great said! :slight_smile: