DM: Clearing Relationship Blocks

Wow this describes my life to a tee. This will be the next DM, I get, once I make some more money. Been spending a lot of my cash on DM’s. Here to making some money for this one.

This is totally me. I was thinking of getting this. I’m on the way to the gym and my higher self just keeps saying buy it now get it. So I pulled over on the side of the road and picked it up. I am on the way to the gym, but I’m having quite emotional reaction. I need to sit with this for a bit.

Thank you for this wonderful Mandela.

I know with this and the other hundred plus I own, It will transform the lives of me and my wife and my children, and break the patterns of abuse that were all dealing with. As well as other unhealthy relationship patterns.

Thank you so very much

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I wish you guys had an audio for this. I checked on YouTube and Patreon, I didn’t find one. I already have the other Relationship Healing one but I was specifically looking for this one.

For me personally, I can combine with the digital Mandela At least initially the energies incredible.

Like I bought the Mike Tyson one and I listened to the audio while staring at the Mandela and it was freaking incredible.

But I understand that it’s not necessarily, and this is just how it seems to work for me. Back to the DM.

Use dm to audio man
It’s in the store and there is a thread about here

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Yeah, I get it that could work for the DM‘s that don’t have audios

Cool thanks for letting me know

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