DM 3 in one

Hello maitreya
Could you please combine universal clearing with ancestral line clearing with ancestral line rearrangement in one digital mandala?
Thank you…

i think you can try this combo :smiley:

I want have to buy these all three in digital mandala, but only ancestral line rearrangement available in mandala only… If these three could be combine together in one mandala then it would be great😀

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Yes, we can make them as a custom mandala.


How can i order the custom mandala? And what would ne the cost for these 3 in one mandala?

if use these three combination , would these fields 100% remove all past live and ancestral curses and spell??
i read in this forum that mandala maybe work for some people’s and maybe not work for some…
please give your best opinion …thank you.

You can make a custom order for fields on Etsy.
There is no guarantee that mandala will work on you, as when you go to a doctor and he gives you a prescription - he doesn’t give you a guarantee it will work. :slight_smile:

So, how you can know? Go to Youtube and test some of the fields you need for 1-3-6 months. If they are working well for you then you can order a custom mandala.

There is a big choice of 300 free and strong fields with which you can experiment.