Distance of fields and how to restrict reach

I’m not sure where I read either forum, patreon, or YouTube comment but I believe Maitreyafields said the distance is 10 meters which is around 32 feet. I work at home in my office in the basement and play my fields. Does this energy go through walls, ceilings, etc like wifi? If so then my children could potentially be exposed to fields they shouldn’t be exposed to. How do we restrict it to just my area, around me? 32 feet is quite the distance.

play the audio in speaker and keep it on your side and keep the volume low (20-30%)…you can close the door if you want to , for extra safety…

You can also use headphones

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yeah , thats a great one…

You can do that too.

@Maitreya, your opinion please. Will something as simple as wearing headphones work?

yes, if have people around you that you don’t want to be affected use headphones


How much less effective are headphones compared to speakers?

I can’t answer that. :slight_smile:
With speakers affects your whole aura directly.