What is the range of Audio Fields and DM Fields

I tried searching over and over again, but couldn’t find the right answer.
What is the range of
Audio Fields
DM Fields

Can I play all the audio fields purchased in a playlist overnight?

Audio Fields - as you hear the sound they work.
DM: Most of them are 30cm.


The range of the mandalas is 30 cm, apart from the ones that are for the environment like the Home Series and a few others. Now, as long as you can hear the audio, they also affect you. I think it’s enough if your subconscious hears them.


Happy Arigato!

Happy Arigato! for sharing your knowledge.
But why sometimes it is said that the audio can be played in mute also



min 10% volume

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what if 10% volume, then i place the phone in a bag that im carrying, meaning i wont be able to hear the sound

will it still affect me?