Dated audios & Boosts

I have a couple of questions.

How many times should I run boosts per session?

I usually have 8 hour sessions of audios, should I run a boosts every hour? every 2 hours? every 3 hours?

I usually do like 5 grounding audios per session, should I run a boost after every grounding audio?

Also, there seems to be some audios that replace other audios,

Like Eternal Healing that seems to replace all the chakras audios, as far as I understood.

Is there any list of audios that replace other dated audios?

IMO it is better to run 3 times Eternal Healing than running 3 times all chakras audios, because it saves a ton of time.

There are like 3 audios that cover “inner child healing”, should I run them anyways or any of those replace the other 2? (Trinity activation, Inner child healing & Close the door to the past)

@JAAJ @Vega @Maitreya