Gumroad: Seven Chakra Healing vs Individual Chakra Healing

Do we need to listen to each individual chakra healing frequency if we are listening to the seven chakra healing one?

Description says:
When there is some “problem” - emotional, mental or physical, there is chakra blockage. With this video you can clear all your chakras with few listenings.

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i think the difference is that with the individual chakra audios, there’s probably greater intensity in treating the individual chakras since it is devoted specifically to that one chakra.


@Maitreya Your input is much appreciated!

7 chakras is for daily balancing/recharging and saving time.
But if you have blockages in 3rd chakra for example, it’s better to get this audio to clear it faster.


How would you determine if there is a blockage in the chakras?

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If there is a problem in the physical body, it is an indicator of an incorrect energy leak in that place. The same goes for emotions and the mind. If, for example, a person does not have creativity, then in the second chakra there is a blockage that does not transmit energy properly. It is good to read which chakra is responsible for what as a basis to, then you will know where to work.




Exactly! :smiley:

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I have the feeling I have a serious blockage intue first 5 chakras, what do I do ?:grinning:

i’m sure this would help, as well as her 114 chakra field and there is also an individual chakra field for the 5th chakra. I would recommend those

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I dont know if you saw this but I said I think I have a blockage in ALL the first 5 chakras lol
I dont know what to focus on …

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focus on the first 5 lol


hi the sound stopped after 3 minutes , fix it please