Audios for overall health and fitness

Hi I want to pick 1-3 audios max for overall body health. What do you think of these and which do you think will be good fro overall effectiveness of all organs?


these are my selections I want to end up with 2 or 3.

What others do you suggest , what do you think of these ?

Out of all those audios, I really like Eternal Cleanser the most. I’ve only tried Pranic Healing once, but liked the way it felt and I also really like the idea of it so I’m thinking it’s gonna be a great one. I liked the idea of Body Scanner a lot, and used it often, but never really had noticeable results from it, and Tong Ren was the same for me.

For a third audio, depending on your lifestyle it may help to try something a bit different, like either Dopamine Receptor / Pathway Repair (Unisex) (if you have addiction issues with things that’ll effect your health like over-eating, smoking, drinking, etc) or Become the Best Version of Yourself (to help ensure you’ll continue to make good choices that keep you healthy going forward).

But before you start with whatever you choose, have you considered these?

Extract Energy From Quantum Vacuum
PART 1 Activation: Youth and Vitality Chromosomes - Anti - Aging
Ver. 02 Activation of Chromosomes: Mitochondria

After short-term usage effects become permanent and you don’t need to listen anymore, so these make a great foundation to build upon when you do pick your final list.


I recommend very strong


@NotFrank thanks this is very helpful. Become your best self will be an interesting addition.
What are yoir results with it ?

I used the youth activation ones version 1 and 2 and Eternal cleanser. I feel these might be keepers.

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@Dzik0 hi thanks :blush: how long have you used it?

Would be nice to have Good Health Digital Mandala don’t you think


Yes for sure and while we are at it can add DNA Repair to it. Health of body and mind is priceless

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Healing chamber stomps all those you mentioned in terms of healing… Those are good but that field is 10 times better.

Add healing chamber
Tong ran
And eternal cleaner

That’s what I’d suggest


@anon21115996 thanks I recently re- added Healing Chamber to my night list for an hour with Universal Clearing 3x.
Maybe an hour is not enough for Healing Chamber?
What do you recommended daily to reverse
Damage and restore optimum health ?

Healing chamber heals evry cells of body. Read it’s description


I’ve read it again


How can I verify the reliability of this channel? very few subscribers and views. and the comments are few. I’ve seen this before, I want to listen, but I’m scared because i’ve been exposed to bad producers.

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Well, when I come across a new channel, first of all I focus on how the energies of the audios feel and then I see how quickly they work.

The first audio of the channel “Regius Pura” which I tried was Full Protection and Cleansing and that felt awesome. Then I tried some other audios and I was convinced that this channel is reliable and safe.

Now coming to the effectiveness part of the audios, I was suffering from Runny nose since last week’s Friday and on Sunday evening I tried the Health and Healing audio before going to the pharmacy. I wasn’t sure if that audio will heal my issue so I did purchase some medicine but I chose to not use it so that I can see if that Health and Healing audio is really effective or not. When I woke up next morning, I was completely healed and I was really surprised how well that audio worked and I thought I shouldn’t have wasted my money on the medicines lol.

So, feel free to check out his channel and see if his audios can help you in your journey.


Do you find this channel Regius Pura different/more effective than other creators?

Different? Yes in the sense of how he adds energy to the audios, cause he claims that the audios will still work even on mute and can be downloaded in any format for offline use.

More effective than other creators? I can’t really say anything in this context, cause I don’t compare. Cause everyone react differently to these energies and if something gives me quick results, there’s no guarantee that every other person will get the same results in the same timeframe. All I’d say is the audios are effective and you should personally test them if you want.


@Arpan hi thanks for sharing. The channel looks interesting. Have you had success with their other videos ?

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Yup, I’ve also used Wakened State, Eternal Serenity and these have an immediate effect on me.


I assume you listen a few times only ?thanks

Yup, 2-3 times is enough

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