Clearing Your Abundance Pathways

Clearing Your Abundance Pathways - Trauma & Its Effects

About the negative effects that trauma can have on you, your life, and your abundance.

A trauma is a wound - it can be large or small. It can have an effect on your mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual well-being.

Throughout a lifetime, we accumulate any number of wounds, traumas, and upsets. And sometimes they can be brought back to life by a memory, a sound, or someone who looks like someone who hurt you in the past. This is called a trigger and can put you into the same response you had when the hurt first occurred.

You can’t think your way out of it because it’s a neurological response to a threat. You will experience the same chemical cascade you did during the original incident. It’s not pleasant but your body and nervous system take over to try to keep you safe.

It is important to neutralize these triggers so the memory no longer activates a flight, fight, or freeze response in you.

Take a look at the effects that trauma can have on your Abundance - in your health, happiness, and prosperity. Think about how trauma might be affecting your life and your Abundance right now.

With all the stressors in life today, many people are feeling that their resiliency is low or depleted. The current situation may be calling up feelings of insecurity or anxiety from past events that were never really resolved or put to rest.

With these mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual triggers activated, it is easy to have the “river” of your Abundance clogged up. Therefore you are not experiencing the flow of well-being and opportunities that you would like to enjoy.

Traumas are wounds and can be major or minor events that add up to create stress in your system, making you less able to cope in the present moment.

Since traumas and upsets can show up on one or all four levels of your being - mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual - they can express as “heavy” emotions like fear, grief, anger, or feeling helpless. These emotions feed into anxiety and worry because they threaten your survival needs as expressed by Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Traumas from the past are stored in your body and the energy field around you. Because we are all connected energetically, you can be influenced by the feelings and heavy emotions of others - whether you know it or not. Clearing out your own traumas is essential in maintaining your own well-being and flow of Abundance.

One simple solution is to notice where you are on the Emotional Scale below. Simply naming your emotional state will help you bring it into greater clarity. And then you can try moving up one step on the scale and notice how you feel.

Your aim could be to make it all the way to the top of the Upward Spiral - Joy - Knowledge - Empowerment - Freedom - Love - Appreciation. Yes, all that’s possible - even now!

Clearing out the gunk of past hurts, wounds, and traumas is the name of the game now to create more Abundance for you and those you care about.


(Credits to Adele Michal)