Energetic Debris and Vitality

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Clearing out energetic imprints lodged in chakras and cellular structures of the body is detrimental to mental, emotional and spiritual healing. The soul cannot be known deeply if energetic debris is present contaminating purity of personal environment and blocking potential for recognition of soul essence energy. Light, scrambled by the environment that harbors low density energetic charges, loses its dynamic expression and, prolonged in such state, will rapidly deplete its potential and weaken significantly enough to create dis-ease in the body. Human beings need uninterrupted flow of life force energy throughout the physiological system to maintain equilibrium and healthy cell expression affording greater opportunity to sustain potent light circuitry. Thus, greater amount of light is allowed to integrate and maintain homeostasis of the physical body and strong energetic current of the subtle body.

Greater light quotient affords clear transmission of coherent energy information. Clearing out energy blockages becomes critical to health and vitality particularly if Self growth is anticipated. By the time information reaches the brain of an individual afflicted by energetic debris, it is scrambled, and the thoughts will reflect the very degree of contamination thus clarity of thought is compromised. In some instances, passage of information is so marginal that it may not be consciously noted and the individual will continue to recycle old imprinted data in the brain indefinitely. Repeated thoughts will yield repeated circumstances in one’s life and, inevitably so, are resonant with the patterns that correspond with those thoughts.

Realization that the primary reason for clearing out energetic imprints is essentially to open up pathways to knowing the very fabric of soul essence initiates the release. Spirit awakens and is eager to collaborate with the soul matrix to reconnect with the divine. There is tremendous freedom during the process of awakening to the spiritual aspect of Self. What typically unfolds is a progressive release of ego from personality and an emergence of intuitive capabilities from underneath the external representation of the psyche.

Clearing out energetic imprints, corded energies of living or departed or other entities along with negative memory imprints and debilitating belief patterns can take on many forms; regardless, once released, will undoubtedly create personal environment that is largely favorable to generating vitality and sustainability of both physical and subtle


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Your higher self guides you in this. Trust and follow your intuition. Embrace your journey.